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a pop of red for st. valentine

Well, it's that time of year again; Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Fellas, this is an opportunity to look great while taking out your special someone. Now, we could all go the easy route and throw on a red shirt/sweater, a pair of pants and keep it moving, but where is the creativity in that? I propose an alternative: keep the red, but make it a small pop of color instead.

For this look, I pulled together some new pieces to my collection and paired them with some pieces I've had for awhile. A white dress shirt is the base of the outfit, paired with a black and red paisley tie, black pants, black and grey sweater, a black jacket, red pocket square, red socks and black and white leather sneakers.

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Now obviously, this is a pretty "dressed up" look, but it can be scaled back. Remember, with layers comes opportunity to mix and match. For a less formal look, you could rock something like this, but remove the jacket. You could also drop the tie and keep the jacket. You could even lose the tie and sweater and keep the jacket. Versatility is key.

What I'm Wearing:

THEORY  |  jacket

EXPRESS  |  shirt

THEORY  |  sweater

ALDO  |  shoes

THEORY  |  pants

CROFT & BARROW  |  tie

MARC ANTHONY  |  socks

SAKS FIFTH AVE  |  pocket square

There are going to be plenty of times when you're going to have to pull an outfit together for a holiday or event where there is a color that is almost expected to be used. While I'm not one to tell you to ignore that, I AM one to tell you that you can do it in a fun and creative way that allows you to really elevate your style. Remember to have fun and really let your creativity flow. I hope you gleaned some inspiration from this look and I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.


them flannel blues

Some days you need something casual to kick around in -just a casual flannel on a morning you accidentally shut off the alarm again. When life gets complicated, it doesn't hurt to simplify where you can.  Though, simple doesn't ever have to mean sloppy. With the right details, the most simple items can seem thoughtful and pulled together.

moto streetstyle

Style is fluid. It ebbs and flows; trends come in and out. Our tastes change as we experience more diversity. I know that my taste in style and fashion has evolved probably more than I even realize. I have more recently had my interest piqued by more street style casual looks; which, if you had known the younger me, would be almost blasphemous (hint: I would NEVER have worn anything like this). You are all witnessing the embryonic stage of my street style. 

Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. - Anna Wintour

These words by Anna (she only needs one name - we all know who she is) really resonate with me and what I'm trying to accomplish here. My style may not be your style; it is unique to me but identifiable to you, the reader, which is why you look. My style evolves and so will yours. That's the fun part - you always get to tweak and reinvent your style. Fun for me is trying something new, like street style.

My initial introduction to street style was actually pretty recent. A colleague of mine was very passionate about it and through his guidance, I became interested in the style. It was like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon; like the eyes of a newborn doe opening for the first time. It reminded me of fashions I had seen in my youth but with a modern twist. It was an opportunity to expand my style palette; one that I felt I needed to take.

For this look, I chose to use a knit I had picked up recently. It is a black multi knit that is almost crocheted in fabrication, with a wide neck opening and rolled edges on the sleeve and bottom of the piece. Paired with it are some black moto denim pants, rolled, to make room for the stars of this shoot. I'm referencing my footwear of course - these little guys are what inspired this look in the first place.

What I'm Wearing:

H&M  |  shirt

EXPRESS  |  pants

ALDO  |  shoes

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This was a fun outfit to put together. It's interesting to try new things and I hope that it inspires you to find something new to try. Don't be afraid to go outside your comfort zone; growth never occurs there. 

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.


All-Natural Beauty Products

I always try very hard to keep my products all natural in my daily habits. All natural soaps, face washes, paraben and sulfate free shampoos and hair products, as well as one way to take that a step further is using tea tree oil in its many applications.

casual by the inlet

Cooler temperatures bring layers and layers mean more details. This gives you more opportunity to experiment, but it also means there's more you have to coordinate. Don't be afraid! Have fun! Pick a statement item or color and build around it. I chose both a piece and a color and worked around them to create this casual look while passing some time by the Shinnecock Inlet in Hampton Bays, NY.

This outfit was inspired by a new piece to my collection, this awesome King & Fifth merlot-colored slouchy beanie. Pairing this hat with my cranberry chinos was a no-brainer and sticking to neutrals for the rest of the outfit ensured the focus would be on the pop of color. I opted for a patterned charcoal grey down puffer vest to keep me both warm and stylish, and allow for any detailing on my shirt sleeves to be seen. This black lightweight sweater I'm wearing has a hexagonal raised pattern throughout and the vest allows for that detail to be seen not only on the chest but the sleeves as well. 

Pairing all of this with a lighter grey scarf meant that again, the focus would be on the pop of color. Finishing the look were a pair of black perforated leather slip ons with white soles and no-show socks (a little ankle goes a long way), my black and white WayFarer sunglasses and my black FitBit Charge. 


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What I'm Wearing:

KING & FIFTH Co. | slouchy beanie

EXPRESS | chinos

UNIQLO | puffer vest

H&M | lightweight sweater

STEVE MADDEN | leather slip-ons

UNIQLO | scarf

You can't go wrong when choosing an accent color and then sticking with easily mixed and matched neutrals to compliment your choice in color. As always, the details make the outfit and these little details are what give the outfit a completed look. Casual looks can sometimes be more tricky to pull off than more formal looks because there are just so many more options. Picking a statement piece or color and working around that is a great way for you to build outfits and combinations. I hope you enjoyed my take on this idea and that I could provide some inspiration; I know I enjoyed this shoot! 

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.


life is what you make it

The past year has been a whirlwind, but busy is good.  Well in moderation it is, too much and life will just pass you by. I know, adulting is hard.  So, all while getting my life where I'd like it, I didn't really have a lot of time for this blog or much else.  I want to share what has been keeping me so busy,  this thing called: Life.  

Stoop Kid

I have fully embraced my inner 90's grunge as a permanent staple to my style.  I am accepting that my style doesn't quite fit in a categorical little box and this is the year, that I plan to embrace all of it's facets. One of the major personalities in my style is a flair for a 'chic grunge' or a 'pretty punk'.  

brooklyn street

Well, here it is: my first official post for iCAMLIFESTYLE! A quick shout out to the curator, originator and queen bee of this great site, CD; thanks for the opportunity! I'm Rob and I'll be your guide through the ever-exciting world of menswear. It's a fashion segment that is very near and dear to my heart, being of the male variety, and can be far more fun than you think. It will be my pleasure to bring you some looks, musings, style-guides, do's and don't's and inspired ramblings having to do with menswear and styling. Now that the niceties are over and without further ado, let's get this post going!

new year, new face.

I  had thought nothing could top the events of 2014. To my surprise, 2015 flew by on a cloud of awesome events and now it's already 2016. This year is shaping up for so many big things - one of which is i can't afford my lifestyle will start making some big changes.

returned to the stars

The man, the legend himself.  David Bowie was so much more than a musician, he was a mover and a shaker -an innovator for over four decades.  He transcended not only music, but art and fashion as well.  His fierce look changed like the tides and his progressive career molded so many other great musicians.  
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