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Cool As the Other Side of the Grapevine

With the warmer weather now here to stay (hopefully, anyway), the opportunities to get out into the world with your killer style are amassing. Living out on the East End of Long Island has it's advantages, one of which being the access to Wine Country - and quite the country it is! One of my favorite places to frequent is Sparkling Pointe, a sparkling wine vineyard located in Southold, NY. It has an absolutely gorgeous interior and the outdoor seating puts you right where the magic happens: the vineyard itself.

Just because you're at a vineyard, doesn't mean you have to have to look stuffy. It's a great opportunity to try out something that's still casual, but also a bit more fashionable and elevated. This look is inspired by that premise: not stuffy, fashionable, casual and elevated. 

Nothing says warm weather like a pair or white shoes. I opted to go with my white, perforated leather slip-ons and paired that with a white button up to tie in the whites. Working off of that, I paired these with porpoise colored Haydins, a blue v-neck tee under the white button up and my new denim jacket. My tortoise shell Ray-Bans complete the look, both in style and function.

What I'm Wearing:

STEVE MADDEN  |  shoes

THEORY  |  tee shirt

LEVIS  |  denim jacket

THEORY  |  button up

RAY-BAN  |  sunglasses

THEORY  |  pants

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I hope you all enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed wearing it - well, and the sparkling wine, too! Get out there and enjoy the warm weather and look your best!

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.


Easter Sunday Best

A few weeks ago was Easter and for some, this means we need to pull out the big guns and show up in our 'Easter Sunday Best.' Spring time traditionally brings lighter color palettes and pastels; your pinks, lavenders and pale yellows. Not one to break with tradition (sometimes, anyway), for my Easter Sunday Best, I pulled out my grey three-piece suit and some pink hues to complement.

As I've said before, the devil is in the details. For this look, I've decided to use a similarly colored pink pocket square to work off of the pink shirt, a pink, purple and grey tie that has a very similar pattern to the socks, which have hues of pink and grey, and a tie bar, which is just that final touch that really elevated the look. The shoes are of the wingtip Oxford variety; my formal dress shoe of choice from Allen Edmonds.

Three-piece suits can have a very 'banker' feel, so to steer away from that, feel free to pull out colors and patterns to bring the look to life and avoid that corporate look. Now, if you're going for that look, I've got something else for you; you'll just have to wait and see in another post!

A point of note, men: just like your suit jacket, when wearing a vest, the bottom button should never be buttoned. This is a general rule of them and one that should not be messed with!

What I'm Wearing:


RICOS  |  suit


RICOS  |  shirt

EXPRESS  |  socks

VAN HEUSEN  |  tie bar

BULOVA  |  watch

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I hope you all found some inspiration from this look and can also bring out your Sunday Best when necessary. Pull together your best spring styles and let them fly; the time is here and it's a joy to emerge from your winter palette into your spring one. Gentlemen; a true man wears pink - let your pastels emerge and wear them with confidence!

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners,


The Final Layers

Spring should be in the air, but we have been getting a final push of cold weather and in a positive way of spinning it,  I plan to enjoy layering a sweater with a cute coat, and a scarf just one last time. Its that transitional time of year, when you need to be dressed for a multitude of temperatures.  I always opt for a warm coat, sweater, and a cool tank. There is something about layering that always seems pulled together without trying.

Stan Smith and me in NYC

Spring has sprung; let us rejoice! Unfortunately, spring doesn't bring it's A-game every day and a cold, windy day pops up. It's this kind of weather that allows you to still bring out some of your spring pieces, but also the opportunity to mix in some winter accessories to stay warm. This look is inspired by that kind of day; both for style reasons and practical ones. 

As you may or may not have figured out by the title of this post, my newest piece to my collection are my brand new Stan Smith adidas sneakers. Nothing says warm weather like a fresh pair of clean, white, minimal sneakers - so white, in fact, you need sunglasses to look at them directly. A point to note: nothing looks worse than white shoes that aren't white anymore - so gentleman, this means proper shoe care. Clean them, put the tissue back in the sneakers and keep them in their box. They will stay whiter, longer - and having clean, classic white sneakers can make your footwear choice an easy one in the warmer weather. 

Building this look around the sneakers drew me to my white short-sleeve Henley (I told you I had a lot of them!) with a denim button up shirt as a layering piece. Rounding out the look are a pair of navy Haydins, my grey leather jacket and a grey beanie. The look is spring-inspired, but still layered up for a cooler day.

What I'm Wearing:

THEORY  |  Henley

EXPRESS  |  hat

THEORY  |  denim shirt

ADIDAS  |  sneakers

THEORY  |  pants

THEORY  |  jacket

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I enjoyed putting this together for you all; I hope you enjoyed it as well! Spring is a great season to break out of your comfort zone and layer in a practical, yet fashionable way, without needing big winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves, etc. You can pick a statement accessory and work from that. Stay tuned for more spring-inspired looks, coming your way shortly! Enjoy the nicer weather, get out there and look great doing it!

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.


these boots were made for streetstyle

Another casual day, another opportunity for some street style. For someone like myself, who loves color, it is a bit of a change for me to rock black-on-black-on-black. But, you know what? This is NY and that's how we do.  

Black is chic, it can be aggressive and it's the perfect color, or lack thereof, to look polished and complete. Stylistically, you would think black-on-black would be easy to pull off but in reality, differing shades of black can make this look a bit more difficult to coordinate without clashing. Careful attention must be paid to make sure that your blacks don't clash, which means checking out your outfit in multiple light sources. This is actually a good practice in general; the lighting in your room might be different than the light in another room depending on the bulbs you use and amount of natural light, plus what something looks like in artificial light may not be what it looks like in natural light. Do your best to check what you look like in multiple light sources to make sure that you look the way you want to look.

This look is brought together with black combat boots and my brushed cotton 5-pocket pants tucked in. I decided to pair it with a black t-shirt with a perforated faux leather insert on the chest panel, giving the shirt a two-texture look. Completing the outfit is a black shiny hoodie, which just adds another texture to the overall look. The outfit is comfy, edgy (yet not outlandish) and definitely fun to wear (I mean, who doesn't love a little sparkle in their life, right?).

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What I'm Wearing:

THEORY | pants

J75 | boots

H&M | t-shirt


I hope you enjoyed the look! Let me know what you think and as usual, enjoy playing with textures, fabrics and tones to create a unique look. Experiment and have fun. 

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.


Born Lucky

St. Patrick's day may be one of the best birthdays you can have, besides simply celebrating another year with loved ones, I always find myself becoming friends with strangers even if its just for the night.  This is because on St. Paddy's, everyone is celebrating, in the states it's like being born on the drinking holiday equivalent of christmas. Instead of a big christmas lasagna and a holiday ham, its Shepard's pie, corn beef, cabbage, and Irish soda bread.  It becomes a day of beers, whiskey, kelly green, belly laughs, and friendly strangers -because on this one day everyone is Irish and they all love each other, which is a great present on its own with out the ribbons and bows.

Though this year, I am taking 18 credits in an accelerated design program and barely am getting this post up.  So my outfit is simple and transitional, I have my last design critique before Spring Break, and then plan to meet a few friends for some drinks. Though, not too many. I have class early in the morning on Friday, adulting is hard.

WHAT I'M  | | wearing :

ELIE TAHARI | kelly green blazer

EXPRESS | tank

BARA BOHEME | arrow necklace 

BARA BOHEME | long quartz necklace 

LEVIS | jeans

MOSSIMO | tan booties


WILSON'S LEATHER | men's brimmed hat

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a touch of green for The Isle

Happy (early) St. Patrick's Day! For some, it's a celebration of their Irish heritage and for others, it's just cause for going to a parade, partaking in some 'adult beverages' and pretending to be Irish for a day. However you celebrate, the tradition of wearing green is usually one that's pretty easily followed. The harder part is not looking like a fraternity brother while going about your 'celebrations.' The key is in layering; you can still have some green, but the trick is to do so tastefully.

For this look I paired some neutrals - various shades of grey and beige - with some blue denim to really make my green shirt 'pop.' Since mid-March on Long Island can be hit-or-miss with the weather in terms of warmth, I layered a full-zip ribbed sweater with my down puffer vest, allowing me to be able to zip or un-zip either depending on the temperature. Combining this with a grey hat and grey suede shoes ties the whole look together; it's comfortable, casual and in the St. Patty's Day spirit but still appropriate if you need to go take care of some errands after and not look like you just came from the frat house after the St. Patrick's Day parade. 

What I'm Wearing:

LEVIS  |  denim

ALDO  |  shoes

CALVIN KLEIN  |  sweater

UNIQLO  |  down puffer vest

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I hope you all enjoy your St. Patrick's Day celebrations! Bust out those green pieces and enjoy yourselves; you can still have a great time AND look good while doing it. Slainte!

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.

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