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Fashion Week F/W '17 - Yuna Yang

'Lights & Shadows'


Designs that dance under the moonlight with inspiration from eastern cultures and and western vintage flair.  Yuna Yang is a high-end designer with a taste for intricate bead work, embroidery, and detailed surface design. 

The collection was inspired, or rather empowered by strong women coming together and uniting worldwide as we continue to be pushed in the shadows to see dark days.

All of the pieces graced the stage with fluidity and this moody, yet feminine vibe.  A lot of luxe fabric such as satin, silk, velvet, lace, and fur seemed appropriate for the overall mood and tone.

Overall Yuna illustrated her pure artistry with her talent for layering different fabrics, textures, and textiles in a unique way to tell her story.

A Little Fun with Corduroy

Part of expanding your style is learning how to mix up your fabrics to pull off the appropriate transitional look when called upon. One particular fabric that doesn't get as much love because it has the stigma of being 'uncool,' is corduroy. Among the fashion community, though, it is a well-used fabric that can add just another element to your look. I'm not talking about your dad's corduroy; a more modern approach to the fabric is where we'll be taking this journey.

As we've spoken before about transitional looks, this is another situation where I've taken a more summer fabric - linen in this case - and paired it with a more fall/winter fabric - corduroy. This corduroy jacket is an interesting piece because it also has a paisley pattern in the background. It is very faint, so you really notice it as you get closer to the jacket. It's a very functional piece, but also a conversation starter as well! I decided to pair this with my black brushed cotton denim and my pair of tan shoes.

What I'm Wearing:

UNIQLO  |  shirt

EXPRESS  |  shoes

ADOLFO  |  jacket

THEORY  |  pants

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A huge, nay, humongous shout out goes to the wonderful photographer for this shoot, Juliet Rose! Not only is she responsible for these amazing photographs, but she also provided the totally awesome props as well!

I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you! It's just another cool, elevated casual, transitional look that adds a modern take to corduroy. Have fun with what you wear and don't be afraid to take a chance!

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.


Brooklyn Street Art

I would like to think I'm an artful person. I have a background in music and the arts; it's in my blood. Fashion is art, so maybe that's why I'm drawn to it. While recently in Brooklyn, I was able to enjoy some art in it's rawest form - street art. There are some really talented artists taking to the streets to express themselves the best way they know how and I was lucky to see it.

Sometimes you just want a clean, no frills look; something simple, yet still looks put together. The easiest way to pull that off is with a fresh white shirt and a well-fitting neutral colored pant. I went with this grey cotton pant because it's appropriate for the season in terms of the color and fabric and they also happen to be very comfortable! Pairing back to my white slip-ons was the way to go because a white shoe is exactly what this look called for and because it's ok to wear white after Labor Day! Tossing on a lightweight jacket adds both a functional and fashionable layer for this time of year, so I opted for my burgundy bomber in this instance - as it is just a touch of fall color over my neutral look. This is one of the easiest ways to pull off a seasonally appropriate look, without having to stress too much about mixing colors that may or may not clash.

What I'm Wearing:

CALVIN KLEIN  |  jacket

THEORY  |  shirt

STEVE MADDEN  |  shoes

EXPRESS  |  pants

RAY-BAN  |  sunglasses

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There you have it: a simple, yet pulled together look for the early fall that is easy to wear, easy to pull off and yet still looks like you know what you're doing, without trying too hard. Pop that fall color over your neutrals and walk around confident that you look stylish and easy-going.

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.


S/S 2017 Fashion Week in New York

This year, I got the wonderful opportunity to be part of the STYLE Fashion Week team for this fall's New York fashion week as a photographer and on the social media team.  It was a great experience, the crew was awesome, and the designer's collections were stunning. Style Fashion Week is a company branched from IMG and has been around for about six years, their social media coordinator.  

Orlando Dugi's collection was elegant and pulled from Eastern influences, I particularly loved the tiered white gown I posted.  Patricia Michael was on Project Runway Season 11 and now she has launched PM Waterlily which is airy and rather breathtaking with a Native American vibe mixed with a progressive and luxe tone. Danny Nguyen was able to take the same textile and create totally different dresses, they felt almost enchanted as the floated down the runway with the perfect balance of crisp white and lavish gold. 

Bradelis New York really understands sexy and showed us seamlessly transcendent lingerie that is simply timeless and has all the right details. Lastly, I was blown away by Adrian Alicea's Spring '17 collection, it closely follows his "Unorthodox Romance" F/W 2016. He took what some may consider offensive and made it look dangerously sexy and attention holding, his overall collection was broken into little stories and flowed  beautifully into each section.  While being dark, innovative, and slightly sadistic -Alicea's collection was stimulating and arresting, simply magnificent. 

Orlando Dugi 
S/S 2017

Patricia Michaels 
S/S 2017

Bradelis New York
S/S 2017

Danny Nyguyen
S/S 2017

Adrian Alicea
S/S 2017

Photos are exclusively the property of Cassandra Dotzel, 
Style FW has the rights to use with a link back to me.

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