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Breathe in for Luck

There is always something so nostalgic about going to see a band that you grew up listening to. With each lyric you belt out with the crowd, the energy and emotion seem to carry you.  You become weightless and in the moment, which I suppose is the reason that I've always loved going to concerts.

Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, USA

When one of your favorite cousins is getting married and he happens to live in Las Vegas, you go. I'm not from one of those really big, Norman Rockwell sort of families.  Mine is small and unique. My parents come from families with not a lot of kids, who did not have a lot of kids and I was only close these particular cousins growing up, but then they moved.

Brooklyn Mermaid

Growing up on the East End of Long Island, I need to be near the water.  I'm used to the salt air and open space, though that is sort of what I gave up to live in Brooklyn.  I got something totally different and full of its own beauty. I always find a way to swim through. 

Derby Chic

Part of being a well-dressed gentleman is knowing the situation and the proper attire. You wouldn't show up to a wedding wearing what you wear to work at your 'business casual' office and vice versa. The same could be said for instances like finding yourself at a derby. Being from Long Island, NY, we just recently hosted the Belmont Stakes and this outfit is inspired by that environment. 

The Belmont Stakes is a place where you find yourself almost back in time; you can sit in the stands and it almost feels like you could be back in the times of Gatsby. Everyone is dressed to impress (well, they should be, anyway); men in their seersucker suits and derby hats and ladies dressed in summer dresses and their Sunday best hat. I chose to mix a seersucker tie with a linen blazer and cotton pants, mixing hues of blues, whites and beiges. 

This look is both appropriate for the environment, the weather and can also serve double duty as a summer wedding look. This is the key to your style: get pieces that you can reuse and if you find a look you really like and can use it for more than one occasion - do it! Not all of us can constantly find and buy new pieces and have an endless closet of choices. Buy what you love and make it work for more than one thing!

What I'm Wearing:

THEORY  |  blazer

EXPRESS  |  tie

THEORY  |  shirt

EXPRESS  |  shoes

THEORY  |  pants

RAY-BAN  |  sunglasses

I hope you all enjoyed this look; I know I enjoyed shooting it! Get together your best derby look and maybe I'll see you next year at the Stakes!

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.



Sometimes I forget that I was actually born in another country.  It doesn't really change anything except geography. At the end of the day I am just American.  I've always been not only an American, but a proud New Yorker.  
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