It does not matter how slowly you go

So long as you do not stop. 

In the past year I've slowly abandoned my posting here.  It was not for lack of content, lack of trying, but vastly a lack of time -and beyond that : everything that could happen, did.  It is overused, but not any less true: with the bad there is always good.  ↠

It was not an easy year, this year I lost my dad.  I never had a very close relationship with most of my family, except for my father and my brother.  Losing him was something I could have never been ready for, but worst of all:  I feel he was taken prematurely.  There was so much of my life that had not happened yet that I wished to share with him.  
Instead, I held my head high. I continued on.  I would do all the things I always promised him I would.  I would not only complete a degree program when I was ready, I made a promise to excel, slay, and generally rock the shit out of it. I would travel the world and not be afraid of anything.  Lastly, I would love and let myself be loved -to marry when its true and strong.  

I'm about to commence my final year at the Fashion Institute of Technology, it may have taken me a while, but I made it.  He told me he was proud and that he never had a doubt I would.  

Next, I am preparing to moving the opposite side of the world to attend a semester in Melbourne, Australia.  I'm a little terrified, but I feel invigorated by the unknown. 

And lastly, I have loved whole-heartedly only one man for the past eight years. He was the only one my dad ever thought was "good enough", and during a long car ride when asked permission, it was not even a question.  

I know he won't be here to witness the next big milestones of life, but I know it is what he instilled in me, that has gotten me here.  

So, I know he is a part of me.  He's proud and probably making fun of me simultaneously. ✌

A few random things I have made :

La Habana Vieja - Cuba Inspired Collection
24 Harness AVL-Computerized-Loom

Nostalgia - vintage pastels, sepia, and classic literature inspired.
mixed media textures

Retro Pop - Doodle Styled Teen Decor
hand pained gouache  

Moonlight Garden - designs for table runner, napkin, and coaster
hand painted in dye & gouache; digitally assembled

Strawberry Fields Forever - engineered print for a scarf
hand drawn motifs with marker - assembled on photoshop
silk screened on satin-poly

5 Digital Fabric Prints and 1 LaserCut Design 
for a theme based on "Geo" for Surtex Fabrics

Witchy Geo
using screen manipulation and material experimentation with bleach

Granny Chic Jacquard Design


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