On the Right Track

It does not matter how slowly you go-
-So Long as  you do not stop.

Some people just wake up and know exactly what they want to be and who they are supposed to become, while others take their time. 

For me I have always known what I wanted and what I would become, I just wanted to take the scenic route to get there. I always called it character building.  I find the people who jumped right into a career path are usually extremely boring or end up hating whatever they thought they wanted to begin with.  Some of the most interesting people are still soul searching at 30- it's okay to be a late bloomer. 

After all, "not all who wander are lost"(Tolkien). Life is about the journey, not only the accomplishment.  What is "getting there" without an adventure to tell? Lame, that is what it is. I live each day in preparation for greatness, but I also live each day open to all possibilites. 
Everything you can imagine is real.  

I like to be a bit whimsical with just a bit of structure to keep composure  but always fun.  I suppose this could perfectly describe my outfit as well.  I'm walking the line and on the right track. 

H&M: Denim Jacket // Philosphy: Button-Down Blouse // Xhilaration: Skirt
// Mossimo: Sandals // Mossimo: Belt // Gold & Silver Tiered Necklace (Target)
Michael Kors: Gold Watch // Ray-Ban: Vintage B&L Sunnies 
// Michael Kors: Large Peanut Bedford Bag

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