S/S 2017 Fashion Week in New York

This year, I got the wonderful opportunity to be part of the STYLE Fashion Week team for this fall's New York fashion week as a photographer and on the social media team.  It was a great experience, the crew was awesome, and the designer's collections were stunning. Style Fashion Week is a company branched from IMG and has been around for about six years, their social media coordinator.  

Orlando Dugi's collection was elegant and pulled from Eastern influences, I particularly loved the tiered white gown I posted.  Patricia Michael was on Project Runway Season 11 and now she has launched PM Waterlily which is airy and rather breathtaking with a Native American vibe mixed with a progressive and luxe tone. Danny Nguyen was able to take the same textile and create totally different dresses, they felt almost enchanted as the floated down the runway with the perfect balance of crisp white and lavish gold. 

Bradelis New York really understands sexy and showed us seamlessly transcendent lingerie that is simply timeless and has all the right details. Lastly, I was blown away by Adrian Alicea's Spring '17 collection, it closely follows his "Unorthodox Romance" F/W 2016. He took what some may consider offensive and made it look dangerously sexy and attention holding, his overall collection was broken into little stories and flowed  beautifully into each section.  While being dark, innovative, and slightly sadistic -Alicea's collection was stimulating and arresting, simply magnificent. 

Orlando Dugi 
S/S 2017

Patricia Michaels 
S/S 2017

Bradelis New York
S/S 2017

Danny Nyguyen
S/S 2017

Adrian Alicea
S/S 2017

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