A Little Fun with Corduroy

Part of expanding your style is learning how to mix up your fabrics to pull off the appropriate transitional look when called upon. One particular fabric that doesn't get as much love because it has the stigma of being 'uncool,' is corduroy. Among the fashion community, though, it is a well-used fabric that can add just another element to your look. I'm not talking about your dad's corduroy; a more modern approach to the fabric is where we'll be taking this journey.

As we've spoken before about transitional looks, this is another situation where I've taken a more summer fabric - linen in this case - and paired it with a more fall/winter fabric - corduroy. This corduroy jacket is an interesting piece because it also has a paisley pattern in the background. It is very faint, so you really notice it as you get closer to the jacket. It's a very functional piece, but also a conversation starter as well! I decided to pair this with my black brushed cotton denim and my pair of tan shoes.

What I'm Wearing:

UNIQLO  |  shirt

EXPRESS  |  shoes

ADOLFO  |  jacket

THEORY  |  pants

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A huge, nay, humongous shout out goes to the wonderful photographer for this shoot, Juliet Rose! Not only is she responsible for these amazing photographs, but she also provided the totally awesome props as well!

I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you! It's just another cool, elevated casual, transitional look that adds a modern take to corduroy. Have fun with what you wear and don't be afraid to take a chance!

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.



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