Every so often we need to learn when to say when. 

It shows maturity and perspective. 

Okay, when! I have noticed that it has been two weeks since my last post. My life being hectic is a huge understatement. Between crazy 4 jobs, a statistics class, a sometimes neglected boyfriend and social life and trying to keep this blog running - something was bound to slip up.  Though I am sorry it was this blog, I will tell you that I have about 12 posts in draft right now for the near future.  I'm just going to take another two weeks to get some things in order with this blog and my life.

So, don't fret.  I'll be back soon, right after the 4th of July.  So get ready for a major catch-up starting:

LIFESTYLE | Afternoon at Martier

A Day at a Spa, Salon, Boutique and Cafe in one, 
Sounds too good to be true.

Since I was a young girl who merely wanted to believe in fairy tales, my father always reminded me that most things that seem too good to be true, usually were. I keep this in mind, but always take the eternal optimist's stand, but that doesn't necessarily prove me right. 

So when a fabulous french woman approached my friend Tina on the train on the way back from the city and told her that she was a stylist who owned this lavish 'every girls dream day' boutique in Midtown. She told Tina to bring some friends that'd she'd treat to a day of hair, nails and an outfit. I was ecstatic that Tina invited me to meet a successful stylist. 

Upon entering Martier, we were greeted by the french lady with grandeur gestures, smiles and excessive use of the word 'darling' -she had someone give us a tour of the spa and the whole place. The massage rooms were very nice. Then we came in for lunch, I will admit lunch was the best part. The bottle of Pinot Noir and the smoked salmon sandwich was rather lovely, while the salads left much to be desired. And then there was that bottle of champagne and a fruit platter —We couldn't finish it all. Then we did try to pay, but she insisted and who doesn't love a free lunch.  

lifestyle | Little Bavarians, Barenjager and the 80's

Beer, German Food & 80's Rock.
the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant
1132 Hempstead Turnpike in Franklin Square

You have got to work hard, but always remember to play hard as well.  So for as often as I am a slave to the work life/school life/blog life - I rarely need to remind myself to schedule in some party time, it's part of the package.  And yes, I schedule in my party time in my planner. That is my life.  My planner is my life, when someone asks me to make plans I pull it out and literally "have to check my schedule".  So, needless to say I'm a little behind in my latest adventure posts but I've got them loaded and ready to rehash all my shenanigans. 

That being said amongst my carefully selected debaucherous evenings was a night out with the Long Ireland Brewing crew in a Tapped Enterprises Beer Bus with a keg on board and a trek out to the Plattduetsche Bier Garden to see an 80's cover band and enjoy some kolsch beer and appetizers! 

I highly recommend checking out this place at some point!  They serve appetizers late in into the evening and in the Bier Garden, but the full menu in the main restaurant is great too.  See what I ate at their beer pairing dinner in the their hall here.   

DAILY OUTFIT | Neutral Shades & Beautiful Horizons

My Three Daily Fashionable " C 's " :
Casual | Comfortable | Chic

Having a pulled together fashionable look doesn't have to kill you.  In doing so and remembering the C's, the maxi skirt will be your best friend.  Its easy, comfortable and effortlessly chic! In this look I paired simple layers with bold pattern and accessories, but all in neutral shades. 

I feel the need to apologize for my late replies to all your comments and my attempts to stay up on a mere two posts a week.  I think I must admit to spreading myself a bit too thin, yes - Aaron, I'm admitting you were right (you might want to screenshot this, haha). 

Currently, I'm juggling four jobs: a craft brewery, a 1930's Art Deco Theater, (this month I also started at)a Chic Hampton's Restaurant & Club, and of course this blog including my growing career as a stylist is a whole other full-time job. Oh I also am taking summer session classes.  Its been kind of nuts. I'm still trying to figure out the best circuit for all these things, plus my boyfriend, my friends, the laundry, working out, and working on my art - its an every day trial and error.  I literally write everything down in a planner and write to-do lists for each day. So bare with me, please.  Life has been crazy busy and tiring, very tiring - but I'm trying to spend the summer stackin' that paper, building my wardrobe, and flourishing a beautiful life to blog about. ;D

Your girl is trying -  and GOING HARD. 

MUSIC | the uncluded & a city adventure

the LOVE / LOSS show 
at Carnegie Hall

So I must say, this was my first visit to Carnegie Hall and I was quite impressed.  It is an absolutely stunning venue, although it is viewed as  rather stuffy- I love the fact that I got to see and meet Aesop Rock there. 

We attended the Love/Loss collected stories show that was curated by David Lang.  We sat front row, while Aesop Rock with Kimya Dawson as the Uncluded opened with unique folk acoustics, Kimya's idiosyncratic voice and Aesop's poetic hip-hop verse. 

The show was curated carefully and all the artists came together with their powerful voices, passion and a precisely mesmerizing orchestra to create a show that would transcend the feelings of the "impact and intensity of intoxicating love, envy, betrayal, and devastating loss"(1). Although, I will admit that I went to see Aesop and had no idea what I was in for, I will say I was enamored by the diverse talent encapsulated on stage.  I posted a few videos from the event with some photos.