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the LOVE / LOSS show 
at Carnegie Hall

So I must say, this was my first visit to Carnegie Hall and I was quite impressed.  It is an absolutely stunning venue, although it is viewed as  rather stuffy- I love the fact that I got to see and meet Aesop Rock there. 

We attended the Love/Loss collected stories show that was curated by David Lang.  We sat front row, while Aesop Rock with Kimya Dawson as the Uncluded opened with unique folk acoustics, Kimya's idiosyncratic voice and Aesop's poetic hip-hop verse. 

The show was curated carefully and all the artists came together with their powerful voices, passion and a precisely mesmerizing orchestra to create a show that would transcend the feelings of the "impact and intensity of intoxicating love, envy, betrayal, and devastating loss"(1). Although, I will admit that I went to see Aesop and had no idea what I was in for, I will say I was enamored by the diverse talent encapsulated on stage.  I posted a few videos from the event with some photos.

Inside every playbill, each guest was given a strip of paper that that asked one of three different questions: what would you do for love, who is your hero, and what moves you spiritually? Aaron and I were both handed the same one: "What would you do for love?"

- What wouldn't I do for love? 

(moves the moon)

- the Impossible.  

We decided to have a drink and enjoy the venue a bit longer before adventuring for food. It was a good decision that we postponed our hunger for more alcohol, the ones of times that neglecting food for more drinks ends up fantastically. (If you don't know who Aesop Rock is, here is why he is one of the best rappers ever.)

| i'm wearing:


CHIC WHISH | tunic top

LOVE CULTURE | giraffe tights

MICHAEL KORS | studded belt 

CANDIES | studded boots

PRADA | sunglasses 

TARGET | rings  

|  the UNCLUDED from the Love/Loss Show


"Delicate Cycle"

| David Lang and his Orchestra of Violins, Violas and Cellos.

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :