DAILY OUTFIT | Neutral Shades & Beautiful Horizons

My Three Daily Fashionable " C 's " :
Casual | Comfortable | Chic

Having a pulled together fashionable look doesn't have to kill you.  In doing so and remembering the C's, the maxi skirt will be your best friend.  Its easy, comfortable and effortlessly chic! In this look I paired simple layers with bold pattern and accessories, but all in neutral shades. 

I feel the need to apologize for my late replies to all your comments and my attempts to stay up on a mere two posts a week.  I think I must admit to spreading myself a bit too thin, yes - Aaron, I'm admitting you were right (you might want to screenshot this, haha). 

Currently, I'm juggling four jobs: a craft brewery, a 1930's Art Deco Theater, (this month I also started at)a Chic Hampton's Restaurant & Club, and of course this blog including my growing career as a stylist is a whole other full-time job. Oh I also am taking summer session classes.  Its been kind of nuts. I'm still trying to figure out the best circuit for all these things, plus my boyfriend, my friends, the laundry, working out, and working on my art - its an every day trial and error.  I literally write everything down in a planner and write to-do lists for each day. So bare with me, please.  Life has been crazy busy and tiring, very tiring - but I'm trying to spend the summer stackin' that paper, building my wardrobe, and flourishing a beautiful life to blog about. ;D

Your girl is trying -  and GOING HARD. 

|  |    i ' m   w e a r i n g  : 

H&M | leopard cardi 

ALI & KRIS | chambray tank 

 XHILARATION | maxi skirt

 BAUBLEBAR | necklace 

LOUIS VUITTON | speedy 35 bag 

PRADA | sunglasses

C WONDER | snake bracelet



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