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Beer, German Food & 80's Rock.
the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant
1132 Hempstead Turnpike in Franklin Square

You have got to work hard, but always remember to play hard as well.  So for as often as I am a slave to the work life/school life/blog life - I rarely need to remind myself to schedule in some party time, it's part of the package.  And yes, I schedule in my party time in my planner. That is my life.  My planner is my life, when someone asks me to make plans I pull it out and literally "have to check my schedule".  So, needless to say I'm a little behind in my latest adventure posts but I've got them loaded and ready to rehash all my shenanigans. 

That being said amongst my carefully selected debaucherous evenings was a night out with the Long Ireland Brewing crew in a Tapped Enterprises Beer Bus with a keg on board and a trek out to the Plattduetsche Bier Garden to see an 80's cover band and enjoy some kolsch beer and appetizers! 

I highly recommend checking out this place at some point!  They serve appetizers late in into the evening and in the Bier Garden, but the full menu in the main restaurant is great too.  See what I ate at their beer pairing dinner in the their hall here.   

|  Greg the co-founder of Long Ireland and his lovely wife Lori.

 |  Cheers to all the beers and all the years.

| Delicious German-esque noms 

| the little bavarians :  sliced bratwurst with bacon and swiss on pretzel sliders

 | Potato Pancakes with apple sauce and lingonberry jam

| Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese Bites with BBQ and Churrasco dipping sauces

| me and my babe

| Buddy and Aaron

| what?! 

| Greg with Matt, the manager at Plattduetsche 

| Barenjager shots : german honey liqueur 

| Amy, Buddy, Me and Aaron

| Decadia doing their thing

| Liam from Long Ireland Brewing and Banger's and Mash jamming with the Band


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