LIFESTYLE | Afternoon at Martier

A Day at a Spa, Salon, Boutique and Cafe in one, 
Sounds too good to be true.

Since I was a young girl who merely wanted to believe in fairy tales, my father always reminded me that most things that seem too good to be true, usually were. I keep this in mind, but always take the eternal optimist's stand, but that doesn't necessarily prove me right. 

So when a fabulous french woman approached my friend Tina on the train on the way back from the city and told her that she was a stylist who owned this lavish 'every girls dream day' boutique in Midtown. She told Tina to bring some friends that'd she'd treat to a day of hair, nails and an outfit. I was ecstatic that Tina invited me to meet a successful stylist. 

Upon entering Martier, we were greeted by the french lady with grandeur gestures, smiles and excessive use of the word 'darling' -she had someone give us a tour of the spa and the whole place. The massage rooms were very nice. Then we came in for lunch, I will admit lunch was the best part. The bottle of Pinot Noir and the smoked salmon sandwich was rather lovely, while the salads left much to be desired. And then there was that bottle of champagne and a fruit platter —We couldn't finish it all. Then we did try to pay, but she insisted and who doesn't love a free lunch.  

We then wanted to get our hair done, Erin and I wanted our hair blown out and touched up and Tina wanted to get a massage.  She told us they actually didn't have any appointments open and were really busy.  We walked around the boutique for a while and then decided to check out the salon again and see if they had an appointment available in an hour or so, only to discover they are completely open for any appointments.  All but one of the hair stylists were free and the massage therapist was eat lunch in the caffé.  We began getting our hair done and Tina went in for her massage.  

My experience was the worst, but I won't get into all the details. But I will say, he thought his name was Avi and Avi thought he was god's gift to women. He cut off all my original ombre without telling me, messed up blowing it out, got the round brush stuck in my hair 4 times, and then he tried to curl the ends that he did not successfully blow out and he burned me 3 times and told me that my hair must not curl.  I actually had a burn on the top of my ear. The worst part of all is when the french woman came up to us, she asked how our experiences were, she could tell my apprehension. So we told her how I got burned, literally.  She replied, "no, nooo. Avi is the best." Well, ok then.        

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