ART | Doodling Around

Finally on to some pieces from the last year or two. 
So from here on out I will post one or two drawings at a time.

Ever since I was a child I have always drawn faces.  I've always wanted to capture all the complexities of expression and emotion -then turn it into art, I suppose thats what I love to translate with fashion as well.  The structure, the way the lines cast soft shadows, the depth and contrast -I enjoy the detail in it all. So with all of these feelings, I can barely contain my excitement of furthering my craft after years of being a self-taught artist with no formal instruction. Now, onward to my path of getting into one of the most elite fashion and art schools in the world. 

I'm nearing having to have my portfolio and am trying to make time to draw more regularly before I begin drafting my art boards for my admissions portfolio.  I have about four classes left of my business degree and about seven months to get art, my thoughts and my vision compiled onto two boards. So here are two quick pieces and get ready for some more recent works and photography soon!  

noms | Potato Leek Soup topped with Goat Cheese and Honey Baguette

Go Away Winter!
But while there is still a cold breeze, 
lets enjoy one last homestyle soup.

This winter was pretty brutal and it seems the glory of spring just keeps taunting us, it is so close but not quite.  So while the weather can't make up its mind, I have!  While I stall switching my wardrobe out, in fear of the next cold day, I decided to take this time to make a delicious and rich soup. 

I love potato leek soup, it's so creamy and savory.  I combined a few different recipes and finally came up with one I love and I hope you will too.  

daily outfit | Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Preppy Nautical Stripes.
Awaiting the sailboats of spring.

I feel like I should keep talking about spring to plant the sunshine seed of positive energy.  I'm ready for long days and warm summer nights, fresh cocktails at beachy venues and all day summer festivals. 

I'm the girl that never complains about the weather.  You'll never catch me on Facebook all like, "I hate the snow" -instead I'm over here all thinking, "Then move out of New York!" I truly enjoy all the seasons and can never really pick a favorite -I just love them all. 

What is better than the first fresh fallen snow, first bloomed cherry blossoms and gardens, the changing leaves, or soft sands and gentle waves -nothing.  And none any better than the other.  

So to seize this sporadic warm day in a strew of unpredictable spring weather I am sporting my new dress that I was given in care of Peter Som while previewing the spring line he did for Kohl's.  With this look, I wanted to make the preppy dress and shoes a little more cool with my obsidian peace necklace, John Lennon ring, cat eyed sunglasses and my studded belt.

BLOG LIFE | Moving to a NEW Domain

WHERE the WILD THINGS ARE: their own domain!
Short Weekend Hiatus -Will be back on Monday!

hey HEY! I've got some big changes springing up and to start it all off, besides my gradual blog page makeover, I'm moving to a my own domain!  Though, I will still be sticking with blogger, so my GFC is here to stay! Starting monday this blog will be:

I'm super excited for the coming year and all that is flourishing my life!  So stay tuned for some cool new personal styling posts, more delicious food, more fab fashion, a sweet show at Carnegie Hall, finally seeing Atmosphere live, blog contributors, beer festivals, and my interview with George Kotsiopoulos from E! network's The Fashion Police.

daily outfit | A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

In honor of the "Bard of Avon", Mr. Billy Shakes himself, I thought I would dedicate this post to his birthday which will be in a few days.  A man who was born in 1564, yet his words still remain. I feel like you can deconstruct the basic structure to any modern movie, book, or production and match it up a Shakespeare play.  His mind was revolutionary and his voice has molded modern literature.

So besides a few great quotes and some cool portraits of the bard, I wanted to create a soft romantic look that of course involved some variation of a ruffled cream blouse. A completely modern look with a romantic, yet a Elizabethan Era feel with the dusty rose color.

{ the LOOK: a modern take on elizabethan era inspired elements
ruffled blouse with a rose colored skirt with golds and neutrals.   }

BEER & NOMS | Kirin Rice Beer paired with Japanese Cuisine

Attempting to be Asian.
Trying out Asian influenced Cuisine with Italian style courses. 

By ethnicity I am Korean and Italian, straight born in South Korea style Korean; although by culture I am completely American. Murica! I grew up with a German-Irish dad from Brooklyn and a Sicilian-Greek mother from Jersey, needless to say I totally missed the boat on learning to cook Asian cuisine. Though, I must say I make the best eggplant rollatini! So in honor of the cherry blossom season I paired Kirin Ichiban Beer with Japanese influenced cuisine.

Kirin is globally known as a great pure beer because of its first-press brewing process- it is 100-percent malt with a rich flavor and a smooth finish. The brewers only use the first strain of malt liquid to create a beer at its purest state. Kirin Ichiban is one of Japan's oldest breweries with a history dating back to 1888. This is a rice beer with a crisp clean taste that pairs well with the delicate flavors of Japanese food.   

blog life | Meeting PETER SOM

Fabulous Fashion and Fabulous People.
Spring Preview Styling Event & What I Wore.

 I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Kohl's. I attended a live event and received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

In working with Millennial Central and Mom Central consultants I have been exposed to some really cool opportunities, though as of now the Peter Som for Kohl's event takes the cake. I plan to style and beautify for a living and being selected to rise to the occasion for a styling event -I was thrilled.  Since this blog started as an extension of my vision, my art, and was born as a very part time job just as a way to make a diary of the way I bring style to my lifestyle.  So to be celebrating my official year of my blog with the invitation to this event was amazing.  Just furthering my vision for my dreams, in cement.  

I got to meet a designer, the fabulous Peter Som. He was soft spoken, earnest and he really took the time to try to get to know everyone.  Som asked, "What is your blog?"  I replied in a nonchalant fashion, "I Can't Afford My Lifestyle. It's for the young, broke and fabulous." He chuckled in approval and replied, "Oh I remember those days!" What every young, broke fashionista wants to hear, alluding to the glimmer that one day I will be able to "remember those days".  Peter took the time to look over my stylings and complemented almost every piece I selected and the way I put them together.  It was great to get positive approval from such a talented designer!  To see the sneak peak of his line check out my post here or shop here because it just hit stores TODAY .

fashion | Preview of Peter Som for Kohl's Spring line

Peter Som's New Fabulous Line for Kohl's.
Hits stores on April 10th!

So last week I got the incredible honor of previewing this fabulous line and meeting the amazing Peter Som and his lovely stylist Mary Alice Stephenson.  Som went to design school at Parson's and won the Golden Thimble, which was presented to him by Isaac Mizrahi -he also worked under famous American designers such as Michael Kors and Calvin Klein! 

Now he has ingeniously invented an incredible affordable luxury brand. It is inspired by St. Barths with a breeze of a leisurely vacation vibe, yet the luxury of high fashion lines. Designer, Peter Som was going for French chic meets island style -he used a lot of B&W stripes and batiki prints to make this all come alive. He was able to outsource silk chartreuse, eyelet textile, and other luxe feeling fabrics to make this line of unforgettable affordable fashions! Not only do they look great, but each piece is ridiculously soft, the kind of clothing that is as cozy as it is chic, quite the rare find! I will also add that each and every piece are all priced under $88! Yes under $88!

Also, stay tuned for Friday's post to see my meet and greet with theses two fab individuals of fashion and see the looks I styled with my purchases! And see the full line here or view the whole post to see a few of my selections.

daily outfit | A Hop, Skip, and a Jump to Spring

Almost there and transitioning winter boots with spring layers will get us through.

We've weathered the storm, a few of them and hopefully the snow gods are ready to go kick it on a resort somewhere and get the hell out of here.  Here in New York, we are so over it. The snowed-in days, the shoveling, the hassle, the flip-flopping weather- just bring on the sunshine!  I suppose I'm a little more salty this year because I didn't go on vacation this year.  No sunny beaches, just cold New York. Although, the ladder reminds me I am saving my money and being responsible for better things. Much better and bigger things: the silver lining. One thing I can do to get into a warmer state of mind is up-cycle my seasonal wardrobe items together to transition them for different seasons. This is a clutch skill to utilize in expanding the usability of all that is in your closet.    

diy | The Best Little Baby Shower Gift

What is better than presents? 
Presents Packaged like Cupcakes.

One of my best friends just had a the most perfect little baby boy!  Taylor and I were teenage drama queens together, we have literally been through it all and I love her dearly. We go back like car seats- now she has her very own baby car seat in the back of her ride.  She is one fearless lady and is one of a kind. But Whoa, Where has the time gone?  Its feels like yesterday when I was filled with good intentions, but was still a little wild child and now I'm a real live grown-up, kind of. hahah! Seems, everyone we have ever known is now having babies or getting married- we're getting old! NO-Wait, we're just getting better, not older. hahaha!

This is from her Mustache bash baby shower, a few months ago when I had flown down to Florida for a much anticipated visit.  I wanted to get her a gift that was cute, useable, sentimental, fun, and reasonable- it was tough to decide and this lady has impeccable taste, so I had to choose something good! I picked out the cutest onesies and little hipster socks, some classic books: Where All the Wild Things Are, Good Night, Moon, and The Hungry Caterpillar, and lastly I added homemade mustache shaped sugar cookie pops. Little Wyatt was born February19th at 6 LBs, 13 oz and 18 inches.  He was born surrounded by so much love and I can't wait to fly down in the fall so I can meet this little bugger! 

In this post, I will show you guys the fab soiree thrown in Wyatt's behalf and  how to make these awesome little sock-onesie style cupcakes! They are so easy and make a simple present way more fun! 

music | Dropkick Murphy's

Studded Boots and ready to Riot!
Dropkick Murphy's @ the Paramount
370 New York Ave, 
Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 673-7300

Can't say it enough: I LOVE THIS PLACE. It is a fantastic venue and pretty much my favorite. Its not
the biggest, but its pure quality.  They have 3 bars and a great tiered, horseshoe shaped layout around the
stage. Similar to Terminal 5 in the city, but cleaner, nicer and newer.  

This was my second time seeing Dropkick here and it was fantastic as usual.  High energy, high fun and a 
fantastic evening, which is to be expected when going to see the Dropkick's around St. Paddy's day at Long 
Island's   best venue.  Of course one of the coolest features of the Paramount is the Founder's Room, a member's only bar that is reminiscent of an old speakeasy, fully loaded with pocket rooms, vintage decor and staff that dresses the part.  It's amazing! I'm sort of obsessed with the place.

Now what to wear to a celtic punk rock show.  Decisions, decisions. Well, I decided I needed something that was layered because it usually gets insanely hot, something with green, shoes I could jump around in, no necklaces or bracelets (I always break them at shows) and I wanted to go a little punky grunge with a fem twist to it. So here we have it: