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Spring Preview Styling Event & What I Wore.

 I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Kohl's. I attended a live event and received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

In working with Millennial Central and Mom Central consultants I have been exposed to some really cool opportunities, though as of now the Peter Som for Kohl's event takes the cake. I plan to style and beautify for a living and being selected to rise to the occasion for a styling event -I was thrilled.  Since this blog started as an extension of my vision, my art, and was born as a very part time job just as a way to make a diary of the way I bring style to my lifestyle.  So to be celebrating my official year of my blog with the invitation to this event was amazing.  Just furthering my vision for my dreams, in cement.  

I got to meet a designer, the fabulous Peter Som. He was soft spoken, earnest and he really took the time to try to get to know everyone.  Som asked, "What is your blog?"  I replied in a nonchalant fashion, "I Can't Afford My Lifestyle. It's for the young, broke and fabulous." He chuckled in approval and replied, "Oh I remember those days!" What every young, broke fashionista wants to hear, alluding to the glimmer that one day I will be able to "remember those days".  Peter took the time to look over my stylings and complemented almost every piece I selected and the way I put them together.  It was great to get positive approval from such a talented designer!  To see the sneak peak of his line check out my post here or shop here because it just hit stores TODAY .

I also got to meet Peter Som's fabulous stylist, Mary Alice Stephenson.  She was amazing. She was effervescent, charming and works my dream job.  Stephenson came up to me to take some photos and then walked the floor set to assist and discuss my styling picks.  Mary Alice immediately noticed my style and complimented my "pretty grunge" look which she highlighted as a great trend for the season. I admitted to it sort of being my thing. I was extremely flattered when Stephenson told me that Peter and herself noticed me and my sense of style upon first entering the room.  It was like music to my ears.  They were quite the dynamic duo and it was an honor to meet them both.

When dressing for the event the MC team simply stated to dress accordingly because this was a fashion event so do not show up in flip flops and a tee shirt.  I like to play with the rules, so I wore a tee-shirt.  Such a rebel.  They suggested wearing in season items from Kohl's or simply dressing in spring fashion.  They also included a few spring trending themes for the styling portion of the event.  

One theme stuck out.  It was titled: "About a Girl".  This hit the right chord. The theme was described as "pretty grunge" outline a punk, 90's grunge meets 1940's femininity.  This is all me and has pretty much been my signature style for years, I was ecstatic and I instantly knew how I was going to dress.   

I'm wearing:

| F21 neon blazer | H&M men's freddie mercury tee |
| JEAN PAUL GAULTIER for target dress  | C WONDER studded cuff |
| TARGET neon wrap bracelet | H&M necklace | F21 studded bag |
| STUART WEITZMAN coventry peep toe shoe |

Stay tuned to see how I styled the items I bought later on this month!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is such an exciting experience! Your pictures are amazing.

  2. Wuau!!! You look amaizing, I love your blazer!! Thank you so much for your comment. I really like your blog, I follow you. Follow back?


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    1. Thanks so much, it was incredible! I'd love to follow.

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  6. Oh very cute pics!
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  7. A perfect event to celebrate the blog's birthday :) And obviously Peter Som is really nice, how great that you met him and I like the answer he gave to you so much!

    Btw - your skirt and blazer are absolutely my taste!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. lovely <3 <3


  9. You look gorgeous, Love your skirt and blazer!x

  10. Oh this is so exciting! What a great event. I adore your neon yellow blazer and your heels are so hot! You look beautiful

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