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Finally on to some pieces from the last year or two. 
So from here on out I will post one or two drawings at a time.

Ever since I was a child I have always drawn faces.  I've always wanted to capture all the complexities of expression and emotion -then turn it into art, I suppose thats what I love to translate with fashion as well.  The structure, the way the lines cast soft shadows, the depth and contrast -I enjoy the detail in it all. So with all of these feelings, I can barely contain my excitement of furthering my craft after years of being a self-taught artist with no formal instruction. Now, onward to my path of getting into one of the most elite fashion and art schools in the world. 

I'm nearing having to have my portfolio and am trying to make time to draw more regularly before I begin drafting my art boards for my admissions portfolio.  I have about four classes left of my business degree and about seven months to get art, my thoughts and my vision compiled onto two boards. So here are two quick pieces and get ready for some more recent works and photography soon!  

|  Sketch above (early Marlon Brando) : 'A Desire Named Marlon'  |

|  'a long skirt and a shorrrrrrrt jacket'

| First draft of 'Lesane Norma Dream' which I plan to be my first mixed media with paint.
(Tupac Shakur, formally Lesane Parish Crooks and 
Marilyn Monroe, formerly known as Norma Jeane Mortenson)

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