P u m p k i n s, punkin!

Fall for fall
In love with simple, easy looks this year.

I'm always a huge advocate for any look that is casual and comfortable, yet still fun and stylish - just a jeans and t-shirt with a twist kind of girl. It's important to add your own flair to your own signature style. A fun pattern, piece or accessory is always an easy way to pull together any basic outfit.  This is the kind of look I will literally throw on quickly as I head out the door.  This particular day I was just getting back from a long weekend away and decided to to partake on some sunday fall festivities. I met up with my two best friends and went on the hunt for the perfect pumpkins.  Which is apparently cut-throat, you got to watch your cart- people will try to snatch up your pumpkins! We ended up with almost 30 pound pumpkins!  Quite the score.  After pumpkin escapades we had worked up and appetite and decided to go to the Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck, NY.  Love this place, being a North Fork girl myself I always enjoy the quaintness of this kind of main street area.  It's almost like a time warp to a classier more retro era.  Any, they have the most delicious goodies!  It looks like an old school diner with a country twist but they serve good beer, fabulous cocktails, and perfectly plated dishes (see goodies below).Then lastly we went back to my house to enjoy pumpkin beer, watch Hocus Pocus, and of course carve our pumpkins!  I made my first attempt at carving a portrait and decided to try getting the likeness of Marilyn Monroe on my pumpkin and I think it came out ok for a first try.  What do you guys think? 

Razzleberry B l u e

Ombre, Ombre!
The good kind of feeling blue.

I've always wanted to try the ombre or gradient styled nail design, but was never sure the best way to execute. I tried a few different methods and I'm here to tell you which ones worked the best. 

So, you will need: 3 nail polish colors that match in tone // a clear coat and a base // a toothpick // a piece of tin foil // a triangular foundation makeup sponge 

One L o v e l y Day

Fall in the Hamptons
beaches for the locals. 

The fall is great, I love the crisp air, the pumpkin beer, the fall festivities, and lets not forget being able to have a whole beach to yourself! Although, there is always a catch-22! I don't love how I always manage to get sick this time of year, it never fails, practically the same time in october every year!  Ugh, it's been awful.  I haven't blogged much at all lately on top of it all, but I have a lot to play catch up on from the past month and a half.  I've been really distracted the last few months, my schedule hasn't really allowed a lot of leeway and my mind has been rather jam packed these days as well.  I'm trying to get organized here and in every aspect of my life.   

So here is something from a few weeks back.  My friend Erin and I took Spike to the beach and she snapped a few quick photos for me.  My hair was being wild and they didn't come out that great, but I really loved the teal skirt with the striped shirt and leopard sandals.  So I figured I'd share. I adore stripes with a pop of color, but I feel the leopard was a fun touch.   

Love on the B e a c h

She's got her hair permed,
She got that red dress on!

Everybody loves being at wedding.  Its a carousel in the celebration of finding true love.  Whats not to love when you're celebrating with a bunch of friends, all dressed to the nines- looking super fly, and you are within close proximity to an open bar and moving trays of delicious treats?  There is absolutely nothing not to loveee!

My friend Dawn and her now husband, Billy had an early September wedding and it was simply lovely.  It was at a beach club and the universe was on their side on this day as they had the most perfect weather and breathtaking sunset. Dawn was stunning and her wedding was almost as beautiful as she is.  

She requested the attire be beachy chic-casual. I didn't have a particular dress or color in mind so I just let the search begin.  My friend Erin and I began the hunt at Saks 5th Avenue near where we live, then we ventured out to a larger mall where we tried every department store and dress shop: no dice.  So I began internet shopping, which can be dangerous ( a. the possibilities are endless b. your bank account isn't and of course c. things don't always arrive as they appear).  

Take a walk on the wild side

Party Animals Part II
We walk on the wild side.

Another adventure of bass, vibes, and fun packed into a 12 hour day of frolic.  My life my rules.  I try to go balls to wall with everything. Despite a busy schedule or really expensive tickets, I find a way to make it happen.  Just live, you know?  So I've been so busy.. living-  that this post is terribly late.  That, I apologize for.  Not the living part. ;)  This was a month ago, but I still figured I'd share some of the fun and what I wore, of course!