P u m p k i n s, punkin!

Fall for fall
In love with simple, easy looks this year.

I'm always a huge advocate for any look that is casual and comfortable, yet still fun and stylish - just a jeans and t-shirt with a twist kind of girl. It's important to add your own flair to your own signature style. A fun pattern, piece or accessory is always an easy way to pull together any basic outfit.  This is the kind of look I will literally throw on quickly as I head out the door.  This particular day I was just getting back from a long weekend away and decided to to partake on some sunday fall festivities. I met up with my two best friends and went on the hunt for the perfect pumpkins.  Which is apparently cut-throat, you got to watch your cart- people will try to snatch up your pumpkins! We ended up with almost 30 pound pumpkins!  Quite the score.  After pumpkin escapades we had worked up and appetite and decided to go to the Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck, NY.  Love this place, being a North Fork girl myself I always enjoy the quaintness of this kind of main street area.  It's almost like a time warp to a classier more retro era.  Any, they have the most delicious goodies!  It looks like an old school diner with a country twist but they serve good beer, fabulous cocktails, and perfectly plated dishes (see goodies below).Then lastly we went back to my house to enjoy pumpkin beer, watch Hocus Pocus, and of course carve our pumpkins!  I made my first attempt at carving a portrait and decided to try getting the likeness of Marilyn Monroe on my pumpkin and I think it came out ok for a first try.  What do you guys think? 
(Photo Above: fried eggplant bruschetta, baked mac & cheese, pomegranate/orange/berry/parmesan salad, crab cakes)

i'm wearing:

\\ MOSSIMO jacket // TARGET Beatles tee(men's) //
\\ LEVI'S jeans // WILSON'S LEATHER hat(men's) //
\\ C WONDER sandals & mushroom necklace //

(meet ms. monroe & mr. skellington)


  1. this looks sooooo awesome!! we don't have any "pumpkin fields" in germany like this :) wish we would celebrate halloween as a bigger event!! well at least i do it for myself and my friends :)


    1. Aww, that seems like such a shame that you can not go pumpkin picking! Well I hope you had good celebrations on halloween with your friends- scary movies, dressing up, and a little over-indulgence!

  2. Love your blog! You are so original and your pictures are so inspiring to me!
    Would you like to follow each other?


  3. Pumpkin soup- I love it. My granny who past away used to do fantastic pumpkin soup. What I would give to have it again.

    Happy Halloween

    1. So sweet darling, it always great- the little joys we remember of a person after they have passed. I would love to try pumpkin soup, sounds amazing.

  4. great pictures I love Halloween :)

  5. Great photos :) would you like to follow each other? :)

  6. such adorable photos! Loving the chic outfit!



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