Velvet Underground

Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween '13:
Punk Rock, Sugar Skulls, Best Friends & a Punk Innovator. 

I don't care if people think I'm too old to dress up for halloween. I believe that you don't ever have to get old. Well, physically- yes, the inevitable peril of aging physically is simply fated.  But old can be merely a frame of mind. I've met 24 year olds who are 47 and I've met 62 year olds who are 26. These are just numbers and you're never too old to play dress-up.

Although, in past years for halloween I almost always knew what I was going to dress as at least a month in advance- however this year I was so caught up in life that the child within forgot to think of a halloween costume!  So a few days before halloween I began trying to contemplate a fun costume different than any other of my costumes, but was drawing a blank.  

Then just a few days before halloween it was a sad day for the music and art community, punk enthusiasts, and the world.  Lou Reed passed away right here in Southampton, Long Island- New York; he was always a New York man being born in Brooklyn and then grew up on Long Island.  A man who pioneered the Velvet Underground and was a staple to the New York art and punk scene.  From his adventures with Andy Warhol, to a walk on the wild side, to performing with artists such as Metallica and the Killers the man was a legend.  I decided the only way to dress was to be punk rocked out in commemoration of one of the last pioneers of the new york scene. So I pulled a few items from my closet (I wanted to completely avoid buying a costume), although I bought a short punky black wig and decided to turn it up a notch further and try my hand at sugar skull make-up.  This was a new feat for me and I think it turned out well. The day of the dead sugar skulls are used to honor the dead and I wanted to just show love to an innovator who added to the way we began to see the world after the 70's.           

i'm  w e a r i n g :

\\ TARGET men's beanie // MOSSIMO tanks //
\\ MOSSIMO leather jacket // H&M necklace// TARGET bracelets //
\\ CHARLOTTE RUSSE skirt circa high school // 
// LOVE CULTURE stockings \\ CANDIE'S boots \\

e r i n  is wearing :

\\ TARGET jewel studded beanie // TART flannel //
\\ BORROWED men's tee // F21 Vest // MOSSIMO skirt // 
\\ AMERICAN APPAREL leggings // STUART WEITZMAN gatling boot // 

( two  s u g a  s k u l l s  & a sexy  n e r d )


( downtown  p a t c h o g u e, n e w  y o r k. )

( my  l a d i e s  and  s o m e  skull  d u d e. )

( where's w a n d a found some  s u g a r. )


  1. you guys looked awesome:-) Great make ups

    Lots of Love

    1. That's so sweet, thank you! The makeup took some patience but I'm thrilled with the end result.

  2. Happy to hear and see that you are well! Great costume, and amazing makeup!!


    1. Thank you, Anges! It was such a fun costume! I wanted to do the sugar skull look before it turns into just another overly produced Halloween costume.

  3. Great photos and cool Halloween outfits. Thx for dropping by. Following back on GFC #259.


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