One L o v e l y Day

Fall in the Hamptons
beaches for the locals. 

The fall is great, I love the crisp air, the pumpkin beer, the fall festivities, and lets not forget being able to have a whole beach to yourself! Although, there is always a catch-22! I don't love how I always manage to get sick this time of year, it never fails, practically the same time in october every year!  Ugh, it's been awful.  I haven't blogged much at all lately on top of it all, but I have a lot to play catch up on from the past month and a half.  I've been really distracted the last few months, my schedule hasn't really allowed a lot of leeway and my mind has been rather jam packed these days as well.  I'm trying to get organized here and in every aspect of my life.   

So here is something from a few weeks back.  My friend Erin and I took Spike to the beach and she snapped a few quick photos for me.  My hair was being wild and they didn't come out that great, but I really loved the teal skirt with the striped shirt and leopard sandals.  So I figured I'd share. I adore stripes with a pop of color, but I feel the leopard was a fun touch.   

i'm wearing:

// MOSSIMO striped tank // H&M denim jacket \\ 
// MOSSIMO teal skirt // C WONDER sandals \\ 
// MICHAEL KORS bedford bag // necklace (from STREET FAIR) \\
// RAY BAN sunglasses // MICHAEL KORS watch \\ CHANEL charm bracelet \\

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