Through the Eyes of My Camera

Talk is Cheap.
Look with your eyes.

I would like to periodically post some of my art here on my blog.  Some drawings, paintings, whatever strikes my fancy and some art from the lense of my camera.  So here you have it, some moments that caught my eye and are forever encapsulated. All art will be continued to be posted under 'Lifestyle' tab above within the ' My Art' subcategory.  I hope you guys enjoy! ;)

Smashed Pumpkins

Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave
Without leaving a piece of youth

An epic evening indeed, my childhood want of seeing the Smashing Pumpkins perform live was finally fulfilled! Well, this past December I may have not been able to see all of the Smashing Pumpkins because that will never happen again, but I did get to see Billy Corgan perform.

It was all I imagined it to be and was a great show, despite the venue was ridiculously over capacity, other than that it was a lot of hard core fans, people who were there just there for the music.  I feel like I always talk about the latest show being the best I've been to and it being hard to top, but really! I got to see Tonight, Tonight live and I scored press passes to go to this show -pretty epic night. How do you top seeing the Smashing Pumpkins.  Its not going to happen for a while.  

Here's to being young and to the memories.  It's all about the memories of our youth

Toro Restaurant

Tapas and drinks just like in Spain,
but right here in New York. 

It was one of those, "hey lets grab dinner after, we'll see what's near by" nights.  I was attending an event in Tribeca and found Toro was located a few blocks over.  The menu sounded great with tons of tapas and interesting plates.  I love a place with a ton of small plates, because I can never decide what I want and who doesn't want to try a little bit of everything. 

I highly recommend giving this spot a try! It had so much to offer on the menu, great specials, good wine selection, fantastic service and a chill vibe.

Flannel & a Peplum

Mix the Unconventional,
it may surprise you.

I always enjoy mixing things you never would.  I guess that is sort of how I've always  generally felt as a person, so it sort of transcends into my daily vision.  When I was in my formidable young teen years I got picked on a lot. I got called all kinds of names, one was 'poser'.  I was called this because I liked: punk rock, old school hip hop and 90's pop -and I still love all of these things. I never fit into a specified box. Actually, I still love all the same eclectic movies, music, and hobbies I always have -the only difference is I run a blog now instead of a 'zine. 

So my outfit pairings do not either.  I like to mix styles like girlie and grunge, punk and preppy, chic and funky, vintage and tomboy -it all depends on the mood.

I randomly tried the white peplum with the flannel was a great unconventional pairing with the girlie lumberjack boots, funky beanie, and urban necklace.  

Time to Relax

We all need to take some time to chill,
it makes you prettier.

There are many basic essentials to staying beautiful.  It is beyond the way you cut your hair, the clothing you buy, or the even the way you do your makeup.  It's the ground work you put in before all of this.  These five things are what I consider the most important simple rituals to being more naturally beautiful.


Time to get Curried Away
Making delicious noms without heavy carbs

So I am the biggest fat-ass in a petite person's body and I have the appetite of a child.  I'm hungry every four hours and if I don't get to eat, "God, help you," because I will become super hangry. If this has or will ever happen to you, I apologize now.  Basically, I just love to eat rich and savory dishes -all the time .  

Now, this sort of preference in meals makes it very hard to cut back on 'what is making me start to loose my 20-year old metabolism' and still enjoying my food in all of its glory of being rich and delicious. Nonetheless, I still try to have my cake and eat it too.

That's why I've been trying to create dishes that are still rich and filling, yet don't have processed complex carbs such as traditional sliced bread or pastas.  So I hope you guys enjoy the latest nom diary from my kitchen of throwing stuff together. 

An Intimate Evening with Art Alexakis

We can live beside the ocean,
Leave the fire behind..

There is always something that reminds me of  g r o w i n g  u p  when I listen to Everclear.  The voice of Art Alexakis always rang so full of emotion and I felt like he understood being a kid, growing up and playing out whatever you were dealt

Organic Oils, Serums and Potions.

A Little R&R for your hair, 
during these winter blues.

I know -yes now, 'cue everyone to start complaining about how cold it is'. We get it, December is fun and festive and then January till Spring is just cold.  I personally enjoy parts about all the seasons and for me the cold and gray months are a great time to catch up on movies, books, all of the "one of these days" projects that are accumulating, and then of course all the winter beauty regimens.

Its always a great time to take some special attention to your skin, so why not your hair too.  I don't think it is ever too early to begin taking good care of your face, skin, and hair.  You are going to have this hair and be in this skin for a long time.  

I try to use a good hair mask once a week for that extra hydration.  InstaNatural's Argan Oil mask is perfect.  The product is an intensive blend of organic materials that help deliver moisture, strengthen and protect against heat and the elements. It made my hair dramatically smoother and silky again, despite that I have bleached and heat processes far too frequently. 

*Sponsored to write review, in return I received products.