Flannel & a Peplum

Mix the Unconventional,
it may surprise you.

I always enjoy mixing things you never would.  I guess that is sort of how I've always  generally felt as a person, so it sort of transcends into my daily vision.  When I was in my formidable young teen years I got picked on a lot. I got called all kinds of names, one was 'poser'.  I was called this because I liked: punk rock, old school hip hop and 90's pop -and I still love all of these things. I never fit into a specified box. Actually, I still love all the same eclectic movies, music, and hobbies I always have -the only difference is I run a blog now instead of a 'zine. 

So my outfit pairings do not either.  I like to mix styles like girlie and grunge, punk and preppy, chic and funky, vintage and tomboy -it all depends on the mood.

I randomly tried the white peplum with the flannel was a great unconventional pairing with the girlie lumberjack boots, funky beanie, and urban necklace.  

| what i'm wearing:

MOSSIMO | flannel

F21 | white peplum top

LEVIS | demi curve denim


SO GOOD NOLA | necklace

c/o FIRMOO* | eyeglasses

H&M | beanie

|   s h o p    s i m i l a r    a    s i m i l a r   :


|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :