Organic Oils, Serums and Potions.

A Little R&R for your hair, 
during these winter blues.

I know -yes now, 'cue everyone to start complaining about how cold it is'. We get it, December is fun and festive and then January till Spring is just cold.  I personally enjoy parts about all the seasons and for me the cold and gray months are a great time to catch up on movies, books, all of the "one of these days" projects that are accumulating, and then of course all the winter beauty regimens.

Its always a great time to take some special attention to your skin, so why not your hair too.  I don't think it is ever too early to begin taking good care of your face, skin, and hair.  You are going to have this hair and be in this skin for a long time.  

I try to use a good hair mask once a week for that extra hydration.  InstaNatural's Argan Oil mask is perfect.  The product is an intensive blend of organic materials that help deliver moisture, strengthen and protect against heat and the elements. It made my hair dramatically smoother and silky again, despite that I have bleached and heat processes far too frequently. 

*Sponsored to write review, in return I received products.

I tried this product in the the bundle, I can't really say that it made me look younger or will keep me looking younger.  Though I can say it made my skin glow a little more and was gently hydrating. 

I love a great argan oil, and I've tried them all.  This was doesn't have a bunch of crazy added scents or anything.  It's just all natural and 100% pure certified organic and the quality makes a difference.  I put this in at then ends after lightly toweling drying my hair and we never see a split-end again.


  1. Love argan oil! Thanks for the review:)

  2. Argan oil is such an amazing product, I use it a lot!

    Bella Pummarola

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