Webster Hall - New York, NY, USA

Smashed Pumpkins

Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave
Without leaving a piece of youth

An epic evening indeed, my childhood want of seeing the Smashing Pumpkins perform live was finally fulfilled! Well, this past December I may have not been able to see all of the Smashing Pumpkins because that will never happen again, but I did get to see Billy Corgan perform.

It was all I imagined it to be and was a great show, despite the venue was ridiculously over capacity, other than that it was a lot of hard core fans, people who were there just there for the music.  I feel like I always talk about the latest show being the best I've been to and it being hard to top, but really! I got to see Tonight, Tonight live and I scored press passes to go to this show -pretty epic night. How do you top seeing the Smashing Pumpkins.  Its not going to happen for a while.  

Here's to being young and to the memories.  It's all about the memories of our youth
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UFC - Unidentified Flying Chicken. 60 3rd Ave b/t 10th St & 11th St in East Village

| what i'm wearing :

TARGET | hat

EMMELINE nola | crop top

FIRMOO | eyeglasses

MOSSIMO | skirt

H&M | knit tights

MOSSIMO | flannel

SODA | ankle booties

| s h o p    a    s i m i l a r   l o o k  :




"Tonight, Tonight"