I See Skies of Blue

Showing some Leg,
For the last few warm days.

Today is the last day of September and the coming week or so will be brining much chillier temperatures into New York.  I always get so stuck in the middle of the transitioning of the seasons, I really dread saying goodbye to my open toed shoes.  This will probably be my last post wearing shorts, but I felt it was necessary one. 

Bachelorette Shenanigans!

Like we need a reason to party,
But hey, lets do it all for Love!

Okay, so I am a girl and I can't help getting excited over smiling babies, cute animals, and being invited to a wedding.  One of my close friends- Dawn,  got married recently and I was so happy to be a part of all her festivities.  I rarely need an excuse to go out and have a good time, but this was to commemorate the loss of one chapter and the opening of another. There was much to drink and celebrate to. We had her bachelorette party a few weeks prior; in Atlantic City the east coast city of sin. We spent a quick two days and one night at the brand new and absolutely beautiful Revel Resort & Casino.  

As usual I can't afford my lifestyle and with this event, my anniversary, and a festival all back to back in one week there was no bachelorette party dress buying money or no dress buying happening for any of those previously listed events either.  Just had to pull from the closet.  I decided to keep it classic with a black dress, but do it a bit more vamped up for AC.  I pulled a black Andrew Marc dress that I had bought at Saks Fifth, that I like to call business meets dominatrix. I also pulled a sweet blue dress for my friend Erin, a dress I had convinced her to buy that same day because I had a vision of an amazing shoe at home that wanted to be friends with that dress. They became great friends and she got to wear them  together a year later all over again. Real Friends don't let friends spend unnecessary money.     

Keep Calm & Put the Boots Down, its still warm.

Olive green, a Fedora, Kurt Cobain & my Prada Sunglasses.
These are a few of my favorite things.

Yeah, I said it: "keep calm and put the boots back," and no that was not in disregard or disrespect to the almighty greatness of beautiful boots everywhere. Just slow your roll, darlings.  I'm sorry, but HELLO, summer just ended- like four days ago.  It is beautiful and the sunsets are perfection.  The sky always has the best colors this time of year. 

I will admit, I rarely follow all the old time fashion decrements on when to stop wearing sandals or white for that matter.  I personally love a nice winter white.  I even like winter white pants with brown boots- yeah I said it, white way after labor day. What a rebel.

We love with a love that is more than love.

The big love.
The star to every wandering bark.
Celebrating at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

The older we get the more our perceptions of time continues to change. The way it makes life fly by or drag by.  So how does it react to the perception on time in a relationship? It's like that feeling you have with a long wonderful vacation or escapade.  When all the days and nights seemed to have breezed together like one endless adventure that has no separation of days, while it leaves you feeling at your best and rather invigorated by life. Like the time has become irrelevant and space and time has actually stopped. When you wake up one day and it's four years later, perhaps even at 10 or 50 years later- it should all feel the same.  This is what you should feel when you wake up next to the same person years later.  Just seems that all good things never go as slow as we wish. Summers, vacations, really delicious pie, and the years all seem to end too quickly.  Where does the time go? A warm August evening that started it all and ignited the a flame.  It feels as if it was not that far in the past that Aaron and I had just ran into each other at a random bar for a friend's rock show on that one serendipitous evening.  

Hippy Casual

Well she was an American girl
Raised on promises
She couldn't help thinkin'
That there was a little more to life somewhere else
After all it was a great big world.

The world is big and my dreams are vast, my wanderlust continues to grow.  Meanwhile, my travel the world fund doesn't seem to thrive in the same manner.  So for now I'm just a passionate dreamer with big aspirations.  I've always felt destined for greatness, like an infallible path towards a certain life.  A beautiful life.  

I also always feel like society puts a lot of pressure on everyone, but on women in particular in many aspects. I don't feel a woman needs to choose between the path of love and a family or a career, with drive and passion we can have it all, or if we're not careful: nothing at all.  I want it all.  I dream of being a top costumer/stylist or an art director for a great firm, company or be the stylist who caters solely to a ring of A-listers or the real crème de la crème while still spending the rest of my life with the man I can't live without.  I want to see the world and make it more beautiful, just one smile at a time. Not everyone can see beauty in everything and I feel its a talent I want to share.  But love is undeniable and infallible. 

Local Festival, Local Beer- Support Local.

                                                        All For The East End
Team Locals

The Eastern End of Long Island is known for being one of the most beautiful communities in the world, two of our very own local beaches are in the top beaches list every year.  This being said, we need to keep it beautiful and keep it running.  The AFTEE organization came together to help support and showcase some of the non-profit organizations out here that do good things for social, cultural, ecological and educational organizations.  Learn more about the organization  here.  It was quite the event.  

Beer, Here!

Here's to the Beers

and all the years.

Every year Martha Clara Vineyards hosts the North Fork Craft Beer, Wine, and BBQ festival on their vast extended property.  It is heaven for the beer connoisseur, a magical grassland filled with hundreds of craft beer brewers.  A lot of them are from Long Island or the New York area in general, because we like to support local in these parts.  Although this year, I tried some really good ones from down south and Kona brewing company from Hawaii is there every year.  

This year we had 3 breweries from my home town all present; Mustache Brewery, Crooked Ladder, and my favorite Long Ireland. Amazing beer and cool conversationalists, I highly recommend anyone to go down to their brewery in Polish Town in Riverhead, NY and do a tasting!

The Perfect End to Summer Meal

Happy Labor Day!
A delicious close to the summer season.

Its always sad to see summer cook outs go, but why not go out with a bang?  This to me is pretty much one of the best summer meals.  I do make a mean cucumber dill potato salad, but we'll save that for another post.  

Above you will see a nice glass of white sangria served in my favorite vintage Marilyn Monroe By Andy Warhol glasses, a balsamic sautéed potato with grated romano cheese and cherry tomatoes, a marinated skirt steak paired with grilled pineapple, and lastly a romaine salad with avocado, fresh corn, cheddar, bacon and tomato. The Perfect Summer Grilled Dinner.