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                                                        All For The East End
Team Locals

The Eastern End of Long Island is known for being one of the most beautiful communities in the world, two of our very own local beaches are in the top beaches list every year.  This being said, we need to keep it beautiful and keep it running.  The AFTEE organization came together to help support and showcase some of the non-profit organizations out here that do good things for social, cultural, ecological and educational organizations.  Learn more about the organization  here.  It was quite the event.  

The event was headlined by Nile Rodgers who performed some of the most famous tracks he has ever written including: "We are family", "Greatest Dancer", "I'm Coming Out", and "Like a Virgin", these are all tracks he's written for big names such as Madonna, David Bowie, Diana Ross, and Duran Duran.  He even co-wrote "Get Lucky", the major Daft Punk hit which was also performed live. There was also an appearance from Adam Lambert, as well as the fact that they flew Avicii here all the way from Sweden.  Although, Rogers headlined and was the spokesperson for this even because he wanted to give back to the community, we all know that Avicii really was the headliner.  

Regardless, it was a success.  It was a great time with great people, sweet local food,  good wine, and awesome beer!  The Brewing Company used for the event was Long Ireland, one of my personal favorite, not just because my boyfriend works there.  They have great beer and the best people.

So, although this was supposed to be the largest dance party the east end has ever seen, I didn't want to dress like I was going to a rave like the majority of the under 21 crowd.  I'll save my booty shorts for around the house, thank you very much!  It was still held at a vineyard, and I usually don't pay attention to how everyone is dressing and rather do my own thing.  

I had no idea what I wanted to wear, figured I'd wear some sort of dress and add some funky neon details to make it more fun.  I found this great dress in my closet that I scored from H&M at the end of last season for $12.  I love the tiny sugar skull details on it.  Thought this look was perfect for a festival dance party for all ages that was actually a benefit held at a vineyard.


i'm wearing:
\\ H&M dress // F21 blazer // DOLCE VITA sandals //
\\ BCBG clutch // MICHAEL KORS watch // 
\\ necklace (from STREET FAIR) //

(fist-pumping beer handles)

(owner of long ireland, greg martin with aaron)

(aaron & i)

(kim & i)

(jackie & i)


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  9. wow this looks like an awesome event. based on all the photos, it looks like you girl really had fun. I love the dress with the blazer. It is well put together.


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