Bachelorette Shenanigans!

Like we need a reason to party,
But hey, lets do it all for Love!

Okay, so I am a girl and I can't help getting excited over smiling babies, cute animals, and being invited to a wedding.  One of my close friends- Dawn,  got married recently and I was so happy to be a part of all her festivities.  I rarely need an excuse to go out and have a good time, but this was to commemorate the loss of one chapter and the opening of another. There was much to drink and celebrate to. We had her bachelorette party a few weeks prior; in Atlantic City the east coast city of sin. We spent a quick two days and one night at the brand new and absolutely beautiful Revel Resort & Casino.  

As usual I can't afford my lifestyle and with this event, my anniversary, and a festival all back to back in one week there was no bachelorette party dress buying money or no dress buying happening for any of those previously listed events either.  Just had to pull from the closet.  I decided to keep it classic with a black dress, but do it a bit more vamped up for AC.  I pulled a black Andrew Marc dress that I had bought at Saks Fifth, that I like to call business meets dominatrix. I also pulled a sweet blue dress for my friend Erin, a dress I had convinced her to buy that same day because I had a vision of an amazing shoe at home that wanted to be friends with that dress. They became great friends and she got to wear them  together a year later all over again. Real Friends don't let friends spend unnecessary money.     

The plan was a nice afternoon at the pool with drinks, dinner at House of Blues with drinks, drinks with drinks, and then brunch and a whole day of recovering at the spa the following day.  And what a great plan it was!  What we didn't plan on was half the girls going back to the room and to bed early shortly after dinner and walking the strip, so the bride, my friend Erin, and I weren't letting that stop us.  We decided to head back to the casino floor pjs and all.  

I had actually never formally gambled before.  I'm pretty mean at texas hold 'em style poker and I used to pull the slots for my mom while we stayed with family who lives in Las Vegas, but I'd never gambled for real. We each began with 20 bucks, Erin lost hers on the first machine, Dawn who was our guide to the starters in our gambling adventures picked an unfamiliar machine, she pushed buttons with confusion then stared at the screen as the her money increased. She made 50 bucks off her 20 dollar bill from poking at buttons. Luck of the Bride. From across the game floor we spotted a pink and sparkling machine, that was it. "Oh, that should be the first slot you ever play," my friends joked.  Indeed, absolutely ridiculous, but totally accurate.  It was a Sex and the City slot machine. I played, I thought I was about to loose all my money and doubled it, but then I kept playing.  Thats how they get you though.  Although it wasn't a total loss- I cashed out at $18 and called it breaking even.  There I had it, my first time gambling and it was on Carrie Bradshaw's face.  

Now, the next morning was not as painful as expected.  They have a late checkout which is amazing. We packed up and headed down for brunch and cappuccinos.  We enjoyed a nice big brunch and then headed to the spa.  Which was incredible!  The whole place was pretty nice.  I could get use to brunches, massages and saunas.  Wouldn't that be nice to wake up to every morning.         


i'm wearing:

\\ ANDREW MARC dress // MICHAEL KORS studded belt //
 \\ MOSSIMO bracelet \\ BCBG stiletto shoes //

erin is wearing:

5/48 dress // STUART WEITZMAN booties 

( filet mignon in a plum sauce with risotto @ the House of Blues )


  1. Gorgeous photos darling! Love your dress! <3
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  2. You are gorgeous! :) Looks like so much fun


  3. You looked amazing and this looked like such a wonderful night! Have a good weekend!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  4. girls you looked stunning and it looks like you've had a great time:-)

    Have a great weekend

  5. I am literally dying over the backlit tile in the spa. Sure, it looks a little bit like a fancy bathroom in hell, but it's gorgeous and I want it in my life! I also love the MK belt with that dress-- definitely "business meets dominatrix", lol.

    Jillian/ Jillicious Cosmetics

  6. Great Photos, Love the Champlain color dress you were wearing it was so gorgeous and fun.


  7. Amazing! Great idea! (I won't forget about it :D )

  8. Hi, thank you for liking my blog. You are so gorgeous in these pictures♥
    Anyway, I'm using leningrad watercolors on canson paper :D

  9. Hi, great photos, oh and that risotto mmmm, you look lovely in the dress!!!
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    greetings from Holland

  10. Hi, dear!
    Would you like to follow each ther?
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  11. Seems like you had lots of fun!!
    Would you like to follow each other? It would be great :)

  12. Thanks for your sweet comment! Yes I would love to! I follow you now and I hope you follow me back soon^^

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