Keep Calm & Put the Boots Down, its still warm.

Olive green, a Fedora, Kurt Cobain & my Prada Sunglasses.
These are a few of my favorite things.

Yeah, I said it: "keep calm and put the boots back," and no that was not in disregard or disrespect to the almighty greatness of beautiful boots everywhere. Just slow your roll, darlings.  I'm sorry, but HELLO, summer just ended- like four days ago.  It is beautiful and the sunsets are perfection.  The sky always has the best colors this time of year. 

I will admit, I rarely follow all the old time fashion decrements on when to stop wearing sandals or white for that matter.  I personally love a nice winter white.  I even like winter white pants with brown boots- yeah I said it, white way after labor day. What a rebel.

So anyway sandals it is.  I love open-toed shoes and I tend to love wearing them until it is too cold for them.  So don't expect a peak at my boot collection till it is practically snowing in New York!  I love the way a sleek sandal looks with skinny jeans and a few layers, maybe a hat, or even a scarf.  

Here I kept it simple, just running around town with the boyfriend and took a minute to enjoy our surroundings. As I would suggest we all do here and there.  You blink and you miss something, don't forget to look around.  The perks of living on an island is the beauty of always being close the sea, however I would have never thought an island lifestyle would get so cold!  I'll take the seasons with beaches and being closer to Manhattan, than any tropical island. Wait did someone say Fiji? Bora, Bora?          

i'm wearing:

\\  MOSSIMO polka dot chambray top // F21 kurt cobain tank \\
\\ H&M olive skinnies // PRABAL GURUNG for target sandals \\ H&M men's hat \\
\\ C WONDER monogrammed purse (switched to cross-body chain) // PRADA sunglasses //
\\ MICHAEL KORS gold watch // TARGET spiked bracelet //

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