I spent six days eating my way through this city.

It wasn't nearly long enough.

Seeing the sights of a new city is one of the best parts of life.  And right before all the holiday season madness began, I got to visit New Orleans, Louisiana. Looking back through what I see, knowing what I didn't have time to see, leaves want to go back!  Like Tennessee Williams said, "America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.”

I will always wonder to myself, how I spent so much of my life never visiting this city.  It quickly became another city I fell in love with.  With the food, the history, architecture, music, culture, sweet tea, and that good ol' southern hospitality- how could I not fall in love.  So check out some highlights from my adventure.  

Cheesy Holiday Portaits

Hope everyone's holiday was great!

Tis' the season for family time, cookies, and of course: cheesy family portraits.  The family I grew up with lives about four hours so this is the time of year I actually get to spend some quality time with them.  Though, most days its another group of people who are my everyday family.  So we took this holiday photo together.  No husbands, no babies, just us roomies and our pets.  

So I hope everyone had a great holiday and get to spend it with whomever you call your family.   

DIY | The Best Last Minute X-MAS Present

The Cutest Chevron Bracelet,
easy to make and surely to please.

Well what's better than a thoughtful and useable present.  I suppose you could be sarcastic and say the winning lotto ticket, a vacation, or some other lavish big ticket item.  Though, truthfully -who can afford all that?  Not me and that probably also applies to ninety-nine percent of you as well.  

So how about something cool, thoughtful, inexpensive and something someone would actually want to wear. I thought they would be great mixed in with other bracelets or worn as a trio. 
Sound good okay great!  Check out how I made these chevron braided bracelets. 

Fall Layering

Classic, Pulled Together -
And always running late.

It may be december, but it is fall for another week.  So here was a little something from fall, as of late its been extra tough getting all these posts up, but I'm back and ready to keep it up.  I always pull it together, but I'm perpetually fashionably late.  So much change is coming and I hope you guys will enjoy reading about my adventures.

The holidays will of course be hectic, but I'm always happy to spend some quality time with my family and the food, of course one of my holiday favorites is the food. I will be anxiously awaiting a good word from FIT, which I'm planning on starting this Fall 2015 in the Textile and Surface design program and then to the.  I had my interview this past Sunday, I was so excited/ nervous before and after - seriously, I thought I might pee my pants.  Not really, but the feeling fluttering inside the cavern of my body was nuts.  

So regardless, After my 28th birthday this March I will be moving into the City, finally.  I lived my whole life an hour outside of the best city and I will finally be  living in it.  Follow me as I make my dreams come true, plan my "we're having a pre-wedding, we aren't getting married for a long time" engagement party, throw my fiancé his Dirty 30 Birthday party and continuing on a path of productivity and of course trying to be fab. So, ahhhh here it goes. 

Glade Pop-Up Boutique Debut

Art Installation Selling Feelings -
what will you feel?

If you live in NYC, this is one amazing pop-up shop that you need to experience. Glade is preparing to launch great variety of complex new scents in 2015 and in preparation they had their first ever pop-up shop in the Meatpacking District right here in the City.  And I got to attend the premiere cocktail party opening for this fab event of feelings, luxurious scents and great people. Glade is breaking boundaries between quality and affordability.  I really love some of the new outdoor scents such as Blooming Peony and Cherry, Cashmere woods and Moonlit Walk which will become available at local Targets in the coming year. 

The pop-up boutique consists of five scent themed rooms that give us the gift of feelings upon entrance of each creativity filled room. I loved the installations, each of the five rooms was labeled the feelings: Anticipation, Relaxation,  Fresh & New, Flirty and Energized -the rooms were a full multi-sensory experience and perfectly matched with to the scents of Sparling Spruce, Hawaiian Breeze, Clean Linen, Blooming Peony and Cherry, and the Red Honeysuckle Nectar.  

The beautiful scent lounge area and beautiful mosaic of a woman's face made up of all candles was created and curated by the talented and beautiful Stephanie Goto.  I loved her touch of retro glamour, classy chic style with a touch of whimsical nature to bring the space alive.  Upon first walking in I was greeted by the lovely hosts and then relaxed in the perfect feelings lounge and then making my way to the scent bar to experience all the scents and grab a refreshing coconut water mojito. 

Staying on Track

And also, Introducing:
The coolest rain boots ever.

You never know when its going to rain, so why not let your rain boots make a statement just as any of your other boots do. Functionality and fashion can go together.  First it's sunny, then it starts raining - its crazy. Henry Ferrera makes the best cool designer looking rainboots (check below for some more styles). Basically these boots allow you to pull off being prepared without ruining your flair.

Flair, style, your essence, you know - "ya thing", its what we all possess and only some of us embrace it.  Lately, I will say I've been struggling to encapsulate all that is my flair.  For the past month and a half I've been working diligently on a new portfolio for FIT. Yes, new.  I decided to go a different route for my pieces and actually feel it is my best work.  I thought I would be getting my BFA, but no such luck.  The degree I want doesn't care I have a degree in business, so although I need to do a whole other associates degree over, I'm hoping for a 1-year associates to fulfill their art majored requirements.  I'm very excited to share some of these pieces with you all, I will soon, as soon as this interview is over.

Needless to say, I've been so crazy these last three weeks -that my posts have fallen a bit and I may have been losing my mind a bit.  The only thing I know is, I'm getting in.  It is the only program for me and the only classes that make me excited to learn.  I feel meant to do it, and like Andy Warhol would have said, it never mattered how slow I went, it only mattered that I've never stopped.