Fall Layering

Classic, Pulled Together -
And always running late.

It may be december, but it is fall for another week.  So here was a little something from fall, as of late its been extra tough getting all these posts up, but I'm back and ready to keep it up.  I always pull it together, but I'm perpetually fashionably late.  So much change is coming and I hope you guys will enjoy reading about my adventures.

The holidays will of course be hectic, but I'm always happy to spend some quality time with my family and the food, of course one of my holiday favorites is the food. I will be anxiously awaiting a good word from FIT, which I'm planning on starting this Fall 2015 in the Textile and Surface design program and then to the.  I had my interview this past Sunday, I was so excited/ nervous before and after - seriously, I thought I might pee my pants.  Not really, but the feeling fluttering inside the cavern of my body was nuts.  

So regardless, After my 28th birthday this March I will be moving into the City, finally.  I lived my whole life an hour outside of the best city and I will finally be  living in it.  Follow me as I make my dreams come true, plan my "we're having a pre-wedding, we aren't getting married for a long time" engagement party, throw my fiancĂ© his Dirty 30 Birthday party and continuing on a path of productivity and of course trying to be fab. So, ahhhh here it goes. 

| what i'm wearing:

H&M | trench

MERONA | scarf

H&M | cable knit sweater

H&M | maroon pleated skirt


B&L RAY BAN | 1960's vintage sunglasses


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