DIY | The Best Last Minute X-MAS Present

The Cutest Chevron Bracelet,
easy to make and surely to please.

Well what's better than a thoughtful and useable present.  I suppose you could be sarcastic and say the winning lotto ticket, a vacation, or some other lavish big ticket item.  Though, truthfully -who can afford all that?  Not me and that probably also applies to ninety-nine percent of you as well.  

So how about something cool, thoughtful, inexpensive and something someone would actually want to wear. I thought they would be great mixed in with other bracelets or worn as a trio. 
Sound good okay great!  Check out how I made these chevron braided bracelets. 

| what you will need :

- soft leather cording
(in three colors)

- small screw nuts
(I used brass)

- toggle closures 
(or any jewelry closure you prefer)

| FIRST start by cutting three equal length pieces in each color.  Then put the cording through the loop on the ring half of the toggle.

| NEXT pull together all three strings and tie a knot.

| RINSE and repeat on each of the three colors.

| THEN you will have this.

| NEXT you have to use masking tape or painter's tape to attach the ring to the edge of a flat surface and begin braiding the three pieces of cording and keep braiding for as much of the bracelet as you will want to keep as the plain braided part, keeping in mind that the same size braided end needs be on both ends. 

| NOW place one nut on the left piece of cording and pull the next braid layer over.

| AFTER the one cord is braided put another nut on the far right piece of cording.

| THEN continue the process of weaving the nuts into the braid alternating which piece of the cording is the middle cord (the one that does not get weaved through a nut).

| NOW you are almost done, so keep up the braiding and continue to pull taut.

| NOW simply keep braiding the nut in..

| NEXT continue braiding past the hardware until you reach the desired length. 

| FINALLY tie off the end. 

| LASTLY tie the loop on the toggle bar onto the knot of the braid.

| VOILA the finished project.

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