Glade Pop-Up Boutique Debut

Art Installation Selling Feelings -
what will you feel?

If you live in NYC, this is one amazing pop-up shop that you need to experience. Glade is preparing to launch great variety of complex new scents in 2015 and in preparation they had their first ever pop-up shop in the Meatpacking District right here in the City.  And I got to attend the premiere cocktail party opening for this fab event of feelings, luxurious scents and great people. Glade is breaking boundaries between quality and affordability.  I really love some of the new outdoor scents such as Blooming Peony and Cherry, Cashmere woods and Moonlit Walk which will become available at local Targets in the coming year. 

The pop-up boutique consists of five scent themed rooms that give us the gift of feelings upon entrance of each creativity filled room. I loved the installations, each of the five rooms was labeled the feelings: Anticipation, Relaxation,  Fresh & New, Flirty and Energized -the rooms were a full multi-sensory experience and perfectly matched with to the scents of Sparling Spruce, Hawaiian Breeze, Clean Linen, Blooming Peony and Cherry, and the Red Honeysuckle Nectar.  

The beautiful scent lounge area and beautiful mosaic of a woman's face made up of all candles was created and curated by the talented and beautiful Stephanie Goto.  I loved her touch of retro glamour, classy chic style with a touch of whimsical nature to bring the space alive.  Upon first walking in I was greeted by the lovely hosts and then relaxed in the perfect feelings lounge and then making my way to the scent bar to experience all the scents and grab a refreshing coconut water mojito. 

\ \ Erin, Myself, Stephanie Goto and Pamela Dennis 


the sparkling scents of spruce with that childlike feeling of flutter when the first snow is falling.


Golden warmth on your skin and the feeling of a sweet hawaiian breeze.


Childhood vibes and a place where clean linens can bring you 
down the rabbit hole and off to never never land. 


The fabulous Pamela Dennis created a gown out of flowers with glamour and a high fashion photo shoot even featuring a makeup artist.


Sleek and minimally futuristic with a thrill ride featuring four Oculus Rift stations leaving you feeling energized and invigorated.


what will you feel ?

check it out while you still can :
the Experience ends December 23rd.


The Glade Boutique 
408 W. 14th st.
meatpacking district





* disclosure  - i received sample products in exchange for this post.  


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