Staying on Track

And also, Introducing:
The coolest rain boots ever.

You never know when its going to rain, so why not let your rain boots make a statement just as any of your other boots do. Functionality and fashion can go together.  First it's sunny, then it starts raining - its crazy. Henry Ferrera makes the best cool designer looking rainboots (check below for some more styles). Basically these boots allow you to pull off being prepared without ruining your flair.

Flair, style, your essence, you know - "ya thing", its what we all possess and only some of us embrace it.  Lately, I will say I've been struggling to encapsulate all that is my flair.  For the past month and a half I've been working diligently on a new portfolio for FIT. Yes, new.  I decided to go a different route for my pieces and actually feel it is my best work.  I thought I would be getting my BFA, but no such luck.  The degree I want doesn't care I have a degree in business, so although I need to do a whole other associates degree over, I'm hoping for a 1-year associates to fulfill their art majored requirements.  I'm very excited to share some of these pieces with you all, I will soon, as soon as this interview is over.

Needless to say, I've been so crazy these last three weeks -that my posts have fallen a bit and I may have been losing my mind a bit.  The only thing I know is, I'm getting in.  It is the only program for me and the only classes that make me excited to learn.  I feel meant to do it, and like Andy Warhol would have said, it never mattered how slow I went, it only mattered that I've never stopped.       

|  what i'm wearing  :

MOSSIMO | sweater

B&L RAY BAN | vintage 60's 

MERONA | over-sized suit vest

ALMOST FAMOUS | jean shorts

HENRY FERRERA | rain boots

TARGET | necklaces

H&M | tights



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