I don't really do boring.
I usually only know one way and it's balls to the wall. 

So when I choose to make a "simple" dinner it is still usually something interesting. I had random groceries filling my refrigerator and I decided to throw together the fastest stuffed chicken served over a tomato and mozzarella risotto, and a toasted garlic kale. 

Stuffed chicken is sort of my specialty -I make a mean stuffed chicken cordon bleu; ricotta, sundried tomato, and spinach stuffed; marsala sauce and mushroom stuffed; and even bacon stuffed.  All of these are usually breaded or egg battered -completely delicious and a total ordeal to make.

These days, I don't have as much time to dedicate to these elaborate dishes.  To compromise, I simplified the process.  I chose one stuffing, the MOST important one : the cheese. Duh.  Nixed the breading and voila -simplified but still full of flavor.  Check it out, you'll be surprised at how easy it is. Do it.     

bohemian rhapsody

Is this the real life -Is this just a fantasy?

It all seems too good to be true.  I feel like I'm in the midst of getting everything I've ever dreamed of. In a couple of weeks I will finally be moving to the City (sort of, really who can afford manhattan these days), I've found real love, and I'm finally going to give my everything to make my dreams happen.  It is now, or never.  

I'm still anxiously awaiting a certain acceptance letter while packing up my life for a new adventure. Ten years ago I had wanted to move to the city, but I still thought I was lost.  It took me years to realize I was never lost, I just needed to wander until my soul realized that. Instead I continued to move around the east end of Long Island, only to move to Connecticut, then to an island in the Caribbean, back to the Hamptons, and now to Brooklyn.      

So bare with me, while my posting has been very sporadic these last couple months and will probably continue to be for a little while.  Though brace yourself, bigger and better things are coming.

quite 'ze engagement soiree

As most of you know by now, I am an engaged woman. It has been one grand adventure, these past six years and it seems to only be getting better. Two months ago we finally had our big engagement soiree and we couldn't of been more pleased.  Since, we plan on waiting a while to officially tie the knot -we threw one big, ridiculously awesome party to celebrate our love instead. We had to do something full of love and extravagance, just as we are together, in order to properly commemorate something as pure as real love. To do this, we decided to throw one hell of a party -and that we did. Follow our story here.

Before the bubbly, the laughs, the sparkles, and the celebration -comes the planning. Invitations can be so overwhelming, but Wedding Paper Divas really helps simplify one aspect of your planning. WPD offers vast selection of fresh designs at a super affordable price-point while upholding to standards of style.  On their website you can customize every facet from the array of luxe paper textures, formats, trim options, and even add your own photo or design.  I chose the traditional style matte card-stock with rounded trim and I opted to upload my own photo to one of their great premade designs. You are able to order sample designs for FREE hereby using the code 'FREETRY'.  I also loved that besides everything being customizable you can even consult with a designer before your invites go to print.  I would definitely consider using their invitations for my bridal shower and other festivities when I am ready!

A touch of Old Hollywood Flair -
with the Invitations to match.

Speakeasy Bars, Indian Food, & My Birthday

Secret Hideaways, Craft Cocktails,  
& Entering a new age of my 20's.

Last month, I celebrated another birthday. Another St Paddy's Day, or St. Cassie's Day as some of my friends say -though I didn't partake in the usual shenanigans this year --though I still wore green, I avidly avoided the masses of green and chaos. This year was different than any other year had been, this year I actually did feel older.  

So I decided to keep it more low key with close friends and just partake in a few things I love: city adventure, fine food, and craft cocktails.  Take a peek into my day and all the fabulous places we went, now enter my new obsessions with speakeasy themed bars and my continued obsession with being fabulous.   


Your Daily Caffeine,
delivered to your door every month!

A brand launched for the coffee-addicts who wanted a little variety in their life, rather than same old generic cup of coffee.  MixCups take the simple desire of convenience with a carefully selected variation of coffees and give you a simple easy door to door service, that even makes a great gift. 

The 30-pack is $29, the 10-pack is $11, and the 60-pack is $55 for a an array of gourmet coffees carefully picked to reflect your favorite flavour complexities.  Check out their website and order up your first month.  Morning is already hard sometimes, don't make it any tougher on yourself!  

So, on that note -you work hard.  You deserve a treat, we all do.  So how about a delicious iced coffee float that is also lactose free for those who care about that sort of thing. 

My Bestie's Dirty 30 with Claude Von Stroke

My clubbin' years have long passed -I'm more of a cool bar, hip lounge, concert sort of girl these days. Although, I definitely used to go into the city every weekend when I was around 19, but that train has long left the station.  Dance till I drop with cool beats, but forced to deal with huge crowds of sweaty men and pushy girls has a certain shelf life, which for me has expired, but I always enjoy a good night out. 

Though celebrating 30 years for the man himself, my bestie Rob is bound to be quite the night. So we went in to see Claude Von Stroke laye some dirty beats.  We danced, indulged in entirely too much alcohol, and then I got up super early the next morning for a baby shower -oh hello, I'm a grown up now.    

5 Things

March's five little things,

just get up & live.

I always love this month, I'm a little biased of course.  Not only is it my birthday month, it begins spring -well it is supposed to, but it also means festivities and fun will commence as soon as the snow melts. 

These next two months are going to be perfectly organized chaos. Erin and I have been preparing for our big move and yet another striding leap towards our dreams and passions.

So take a look at our monthly five little relevant things from our month.  This is real life and this is our time. Ah, here it goes.