Speakeasy Bars, Indian Food, & My Birthday

Secret Hideaways, Craft Cocktails,  
& Entering a new age of my 20's.

Last month, I celebrated another birthday. Another St Paddy's Day, or St. Cassie's Day as some of my friends say -though I didn't partake in the usual shenanigans this year --though I still wore green, I avidly avoided the masses of green and chaos. This year was different than any other year had been, this year I actually did feel older.  

So I decided to keep it more low key with close friends and just partake in a few things I love: city adventure, fine food, and craft cocktails.  Take a peek into my day and all the fabulous places we went, now enter my new obsessions with speakeasy themed bars and my continued obsession with being fabulous.   

Dear Irving,

55 Irving Plaza
Union Square/Gramercy Park

Truly, one of the most beautiful cocktail lounges you will ever go to.  Each of the four rooms are perfectly curated and impeccably decorated.  We spent most of our time at our privately enclosed booth in the Great Gatsby Style room, and that's it, I was in love. So do yourself a favor and check this place out.



113 St. Marks Pl
the Village

Okay, so I've been wanting to check this spot out for a long time.  I mean its through a phonebooth and they have specialty cocktails -that was all I needed to know.  Though their customer service is horrible, their hostess was down right rude.   

Milon or Panna II

(the 'Rivaling' Indian Restaurants -which will you choose?)
93 1st Avenue
East Village

Seriously, the most fun, totally random Indian spot for eats!  My friend picked the place to take all us and we had no idea what to expect, we certainly didn't expect what we found.  I won't ruin the experience and tell you all about it, instead I will say : Go there when it is one of your friends birthday and tell your waiter, eat everything, get the 22oz beers for the table, and enjoy the most entertaining, tastiest, most inexpensive Indian meal ever.   

Angel Share 

8 Stuyvesant St.
East Village

| SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES blanton's bourbon, cocci barolo chinato, oloroso sherry, benedictine, jerry thomas bitters in a smoking glass

| EVIDENCE COCKTAIL earl grey infused gin, lillet blanc, fresh lemon

Though I was super in love, but didn't take a photo of:

| CHARLIE BROWN american whiskey alibi, peanuts butter, aterna cream, milk 
and topped with nutmeg
| hahahhahahahahahha! birthday tail. ;D

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :