Your Daily Caffeine,
delivered to your door every month!

A brand launched for the coffee-addicts who wanted a little variety in their life, rather than same old generic cup of coffee.  MixCups take the simple desire of convenience with a carefully selected variation of coffees and give you a simple easy door to door service, that even makes a great gift. 

The 30-pack is $29, the 10-pack is $11, and the 60-pack is $55 for a an array of gourmet coffees carefully picked to reflect your favorite flavour complexities.  Check out their website and order up your first month.  Morning is already hard sometimes, don't make it any tougher on yourself!  

So, on that note -you work hard.  You deserve a treat, we all do.  So how about a delicious iced coffee float that is also lactose free for those who care about that sort of thing. 

| my three favorite flavors from the pack.

| the sweeter varieties from the pack.


T h e    I c e d    C o f f e e    F l o a t

|  you will need :

{ serving for 1 }

1 room-temperature Cup of Coffee 

2 Scoops of Steve's Cold-brewed Cinnamon Coffee Ice Cream

Lactose free milk or Almond Milk

Chopped piece of Dark Chocolate

Dash of Cinnamon


| FIRST shake the coffee with a little ice.  Then remove melted ice and pour the coffee into a fresh glass with new ice.

| THEN begin steaming your milk, if you don't have a milk steamer you could substitute whipped cream.

| FINALLY drop the ice cream scoops in and top with steamed milk, them chocolate pieces and a dash of cinnamon.

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