bohemian rhapsody

Is this the real life -Is this just a fantasy?

It all seems too good to be true.  I feel like I'm in the midst of getting everything I've ever dreamed of. In a couple of weeks I will finally be moving to the City (sort of, really who can afford manhattan these days), I've found real love, and I'm finally going to give my everything to make my dreams happen.  It is now, or never.  

I'm still anxiously awaiting a certain acceptance letter while packing up my life for a new adventure. Ten years ago I had wanted to move to the city, but I still thought I was lost.  It took me years to realize I was never lost, I just needed to wander until my soul realized that. Instead I continued to move around the east end of Long Island, only to move to Connecticut, then to an island in the Caribbean, back to the Hamptons, and now to Brooklyn.      

So bare with me, while my posting has been very sporadic these last couple months and will probably continue to be for a little while.  Though brace yourself, bigger and better things are coming.

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{ simple, casual day wear with a fun twist. }

F21 | cardigan   &   H&M | men's freddie mercury tee   &   MYER'S | nola hat
MOSSIMO | black jeans   &   SAM LIBBY for target | oxford shoes 

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