blog life | Meet & Greet with E! Network's George Kotsiopoulos

" .. So then I got out of that, then I decided that.. the big, ya know realization was that I didn't want to go to bed on Sunday night, dreading monday morning." -G. Kotsiopoulos
Living the dream.

Meeting industry professionals is the icing on my passion, dreams and work sundae. So getting to be a part of Gap Factory's "Exclusively Styled" New York launch was amazing.  This is a new campaign headed by their brand ambassador, famous stylist, and all-around fashion guru, George Kotsiopoulos.  

With the fabulous mind of Kotsiopoulos, whom you might recognize from E!'s Fashion Police, "Exclusively Styled" aims to offer expert tips and on-point pairings for seasonally on-trend looks using Gap Factory pieces. "..It is star style on a real girl's budget.  Its all very, very affordable and well made and its fashionable. You do not need to break the bank to get the chic looks." George told me in regards to shopping the line at Gap and obtaining movie star style on a budget. 

Jumping right into the campaign, George Kotsi styled some great layered looks with Dylan Penn for spring and some hot looks for the summer with Chanel Iman. All the products in the line range at an unbelievably affordable range of 9.99 - 49.99. The Campaign kicked off in late March and will continue to be on tour through the fall. Be on the watch for the tour!

So in honoring this launch of Gap Factory's "Exclusively Styled" Campaign, I got to interview George at the Deer Park Tanger Mall and he was so amazing, possibly even cooler than his amazing Marc Jacob's shoes. So read on to Check out my exclusive interview. 

BEAUTY | Whish for perfect skin

Every girl wants a hot pair of legs,
and Whish products are making that easier!

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Millennial Central for Whish Body. I received a promotional item and Whish Body samples to facilitate my review

Okay, so if you want your legs to be at their best potential- ever, head to Nordstrom and purchase this product immediately or click here. The Whish products pride themselves on providing an unparalleled treatment for your body.  I love that all these products are Paraben free, Sulfate free, TEA and DEA free, and Petrochemical free. Whish also tries to adhere to using the best organic ingredients in all of their fab products.     

I tried the lavender shaving cream and the lavender shave savour, and both gave me better results than expected.  I know you're thinking, "Really, a shaving cream is going to make my skin better?" - but yes, really.  I know it seems far-fetched, but between the two products my skin is much more smooth and the shave was super close.  Was such a luxurious way to break my legs out of the winter freeze.     

BLOG LIFE | Designers, Great Minds and Fun Fashion

the YDC Art Studio Reception.
The meeting of minds.

Every time I have an event to attend or simply find myself spending all day in the city, I just feel at home. This time next year, it will be my home.  So its needless to say how much I friggin' love enjoying fab days in the hussle bussle of my favorite city -I suppose it is simply the allure of a glimpse at my potential future life.

In New York, we are all trying to make it. Make it at something, catch the big break, work and commute so many hours, just to get a chance at a potential opportunity. The Young Designer's Collective is (obviously) a New York based company trying to make, making it a little less nerve-racking by adding a sweet support system. YDC is helping young fellow emerging designers develop their personal manifesto to polish their craft and vision, to ultimately attract the right recognition in the industry.  The Young Designer's Collective's mission is to focus the innovation of their pieces and put art back into industry, while focusing on pristine quality with sustainable practices and locally sourced materials. Check out their website here, also be on the look out for their shoe line next spring.         

So a few weeks ago, I got to meet two of the three fabulous ladies that made this unprecedented company all possible. YDC was a part of the Toast Art Walk where they hosted an open studio reception and showed pieces from their line "Notions", as well as a preview of their bridal line. This whimsical collection is super cool because it reflects a designer's very first introduction to sewing, while being seen through the eyes of children, it is envisioned as creations in a very fanciful doll-like vision.  I met the lovely Shilpa and her cool business partner Harmony, unfortunately I did not get to meet Hanh, because she was home sick- I blame this awful allergy season.  The ladies were great -humble, sweet, talented, and attentive. They were inspiring to anyone who strives to make it in the industry because they were real girls, simply driven and making their dreams happen.  

BEAUTY | Argan Oil Hair Love

Bringing Life Back to My Locks!
That extra oomph your hair has been thirsty for.

Before these last two years, doing my hair ment shampoo, conditioner and brushing it.  Now, its been ombrèd, styled, sprayed, curled and accidently burnt with a curling iron.  I sort of massacred my poor hair ends, so when I got the opportunity to try this Argan oil treatment and hydrating mask c/o Arvazallia and Brand Backer, my hair was rejoicing the rescue. 

Arvazallia's products rode in on a white horse to whisk my luscious locks back to safety where they could glisten in the sunset.  These high-quality,  professional products are one-hundred percent guaranteed to to make your hair softer, healthier, shinier, silkier and straight-up happier than it has ever been. Check out their website here!

Food & Fashion | Italian Date Night @ LA VOLPE

Nothing like a rich Italian dinner, a fine glass of red wine 
& a beautiful man.

A spontaneous, weeknight, date-night, indulging on tiramisu, and enjoying all the little things
So, in the coming summer nights marks my official five year anniversary spent with the best person I know. Though, Aaron and I are actually entering our 6th summer together -six years of long summer days and warm summer nights and all that crazy, ridiculous love.  The kind that doesn't get celebrated only on an anniversary, but all year round.  

Its the little things.  These are the things that matter when nothing else does.  The moments spent together singing songs in the car at the top of our lungs, the intimate dinners under candlelight, laughter over a bottle of wine or two, and in the pure effort in itself to make time for eachother. In all of this time we always make sure we do something fun with one another.  Its important that we help each other live beautifully, rather than just merely survive with one another.  

outfit occasion | Spring Pastels

hey HEY guys-
 I've been so crazy hectic lately,  this is what I wore on easter.

& HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the Mommas out there!

This is shaping up to be a BIG year. Though I will not be getting BIG sleep, perhaps just BIG bags under my eyes! haha. I finally feel like everything is perfectly in the moment and I'm doing exactly what I should be.  This blog is continuing to grow and I love all the new people I am getting to meet and I couldn't be more thrilled with the past fourteen months of 'I Can't Afford My Lifestyle'.  Though blog aside, I just began working at a new restaurant/club in Southampton in addition to my other jobs, and then the realization that I only have a few more classes left to complete for my Business degree.  

It is officially setting in that I will be moving into the city at the end of this year! Finally. I'm so excited and in all honesty, completely terrified. Its always been my dream to go to school for fashion, live in the city and hustle to achieve my dreams. It the feeling you get in your stomach before you jump off the high diving board, the leap is the scariest part.  

Fashion Preview | YDC Whimsical Line

The Young Designer's Collective.
Breaking molds and doing their thing. 

These three diverse ladies come from different backgrounds, adhering a multitude of experience and attention to assorted expertise -together they found semblance in this fresh new company.  Shilpa, Hahn, and Harmony created a company that "aims to provide young designers a platform that would have otherwise been difficult to build and gain recognition with on their own."  Their appreciation to true art in fashion as well as their innovative perspective is gleaming through their small, but growing collection of accessories.  Next Spring they plan to add a bridal line and a shoe line! 

If giving back the love to struggling designers isn't enough, the New York Company also focuses on their local and global community.  YDC is striving towards a sustainable future while only using locally sourced product or materials of fair trade.   I also admire that they donate 5% of all proceeds to a local charity that varies dependant on the theme of the particular item purchased.  

The Young Designer's Collective is a company to watch.  Their mission is written in conflict-free diamonds and is gleaming in promise. Truly an inspiring company that has it priorities straight.  Following dreams, helping others live their dreams - all the while giving back to something bigger.  

So I insist, check out the YDC website, here.  Also, be on the look out for my post attending their reception and how I style their cool earrings!

I will be attending their opening reception tomorrow in the Tribeca area, I cordially invite you all to be a part of this event -more information here.    

MET GALA | 'White Tie and Decoration' Best & Worst

Its the freekin' MET GALA!
What more is there to say?!

The Met Gala is like the Super Bowl for fashion, celebrities, and fashionistas alike.  In case you are unfamiliar, (and perhaps live under a rock, but still have wifi) every year the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute has made this annual Gala an institution to the fashion industry and admirers.  

With each new year, there is a new theme.  This year was Charles James, the man coveted as "America's best-known couturier." James revolutionized the way the gown enhances a woman's figure, he greatly impacted the prominence of the classic ball gown and ultra-fem shapes.  James was a pioneer to the classic beauty of a woman's shape.  So this year we are looking for classic silhouettes and ultra fancy-pants class.

Although not everyone was thrilled with this theme, Marc Jacobs was rather bored with it -no one can deny the beauty in shapes that Charles James provoked.  It may not be as exciting as Punk, Superheroes or Indian fashion -but it most definitely still deserves to be be paid special attention.

NOM OUT | Restaurant Week at the Topping Rose House

I Can Afford Restaurant Week!
Finally got to eat at a Tom Colicchio Restaurant. 

Besides the beaches, the best thing about living on Eastern Long Island is the fine dining.  As a self-proclaimed foodie I would of course like to try them all.  As it is, I eat enough of money and therefore try to exert some self control with my dining-out spending.  Although when one of the many different restaurant weeks we have on Long Island rolls around -it is a certainty in attempting to try as many new ones as possible. A prix-fixe menu with three incredible courses at only $27.95 is a dream come true for the fabulous and broke.  Check out Hampton's Restaurant Week, Sunday May 4th is the last day! 

Now, I have always been obsessed with Tom Colicchio and will admit that going to dine at Craft is something I've talked about forever, so being able to eat at one of his restaurants in general is a thrill. For those who don't know, Colicchio cooked in prominent restaurants before opening his first place in 1994 and then the well-known Craft opened its doors in 2001.  Now he owns 8 restaurants, besides 'witchcraft which is a specialty sandwich shop with locations all over the country.  Tom Colicchio has also been a judge on every season of Top Chef on Bravo Network!  He always has a perfect vision, its always fresh, refined, yet clean and simple.  It's straight forward and always just right, he's the Goldilocks of restaurant visionaries.

The Topping Rose House was originally built in 1842 for Judge Abraham Topping Rose and was designed in a local version of the Greek Revival architecture style that was widely popularized at this time.  The building is beautiful with its bold columns and classic white and black contrast aesthetic. The interiors are designed by Champalimaud who is amazing and their designs are just as perfectly balanced as Tom Colicchio's food.

daily outfit | hello moto vest

Low Key Lime
Casual Transitional Layering

In between the switch of summer to fall and winter to spring, I really enjoy mixing up my seasonal items to make them more useful.  They also help me out while I put off switching out my closet between seasons.  Its a win-win situation.

This is super clutch right now since the weather has been cruelly inconsistent.  So I layered a light sweater with my cool new moto-vest, dark jeans (which I should have cuffed) and leather loafers. I thought it was the perfect casual transitional look for the day-to-day errands.

There has been a lot of that lately -errands, running around, and all that grown-up stuff. Well, I guess no one ever said that having four jobs, taking classes, running a blog, managing a household, and being a productive member of society while still being a cool person who has fun would be easy! Pimpin' ain't easy!   

I wish as humans we didn't need sleep, or perhaps it would be more efficient if we could be functioning individuals on three hours of beauty sleep. I feel like I could do so much with four or five more hours. What else would we make time for if we had just five more hours each day?