January's Five Things

five things. five smiles. five experiences. five pieces of life. 

So I'm going to try to make my last post of each month a reflection of all the little things. Reflection is one of the many keys of success, I feel.  You never know where you are going till you know where you've been. I think its a great way to stay aware, is just to simply reflect on your life each day.

So, I wanted to take this space to share a little glimpse of my life -right now.  We'll kick it off with my 5 things from this month. A new year, another January. 

Ain't No Party Like a Pierogi Party

 3 Course Pierogi-Beer Pairing Dinner
Appetizer, Soup and Salad, then the Main Course.

I know I've been trying to be good and go light on the starchy carbs.  But I like to go big or go home. When the opportunity arose to coordinate a gourmet pierogi dinner- I seized it! Pasta and Potato united, they are almost too good. So recently, I participated in a campaign on behalf of Millennial Central for Mrs. T’s Pierogies. I received a gift card to purchase get-together supplies to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Mrs. T's is a great option for entertaining or maybe just a movie night in with the hubs.  I decided to host a 3-course pierogi beer pairing dinner for a few of my closest friends.  As illustrated in my courses these little potato - pasta bundles of joy are perfect for finger food or main dishes. Really anything you can conjure up, the possibilities are endless with their 11 different tasty varieties.  I used the four cheese blend full size pierogies and the cheddar minis. And it was out of control good!  Omnomnomnomnomnom! Also Make sure to check out Mrs. T's website for some recipe inspiration, or like them on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter

Leopard Pump Kind of Casual

All-American Beer Pairing Dinner 
w/ Long Ireland Brewing Company
@ the Patio; 
Westhampton Beach, NY.

Just a few of my favorite things: fine food, craft beer and fashion!  Long Ireland always hosts great beer dinners and who doesn't love a great beer perfectly paired with food. This time it was an All-American style dinner at a French and New American restaurant in Westhampton Beach.  I was excited for the Chicken fried steak!  In all honesty, I don't love their food. But because it was Long Ireland, I'd give it a shot.  The food was good, but not the best.  Although, American food was not the chef's forte he managed to execute. Next up I'm going to a 6-course Beer Pairing at a German restaurant -look out for that post!

The Beer dinner was very casual- but it was still a nice restaurant, so I wanted to be very casual, yet dressy enough for dinner.  I wore a simple racer back tank, a cardi and jeans- I dressed it up by adding leopard heels and making sure I chose a silky tanktop. Sometimes its just attention to all the little details that can help pull things together.  Live well, eat rich, look fabulous.   

Dressed up & Frocked up

The 56th Grammy's were tonight! Some amazing performances! Metallica was fantastic, loved Lorde, and of course seeing the legendary Paul McCartney on stage again with Ringo Starr is incredible! 


Fresh Fallen Snow.

{ the LOOK :  classic with a twist; the chambray top - striped knit top layered; dark denim, wedge booties, the illest leather bomber jacket, knit beanie, and pearls.  }

After a few years of mild winters, this month has decided it was our time.  Man, have we been making up for a lack of snow in previous years. 2 Huge storms already, but I'm not really complaining.  I love the snow, there is something so beautiful about the serine fresh fallen snow.

Of course when layering and keeping warm, I do it with style. I took a very classic preppy look and then I tried to lightly shake it up with a funkier edge.  I think the beanie, style of bootie, accessories and the bomber jacket give it a little extra umph than a traditional sweater, collared shirt and pearls.

the Simple Kind of Lunch Salad

The Perfect Easy Brunch
{spinach, tomato, sliced almonds & goat cheese over spinach
 topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions & an over-medium egg}

Simple, crisp and light, but rich  -delicious twist on how to eat an egg.  I actually spent most of my life allergic to eggs.  I was deprived of enjoying an egg sandwich and had never experienced everything an omelet had to offer until I was almost 20. Then it was on.  I don't know how I lived without this staple.

I love Egg Sandwiches, Scrambled Eggs, Eggs Benedict, Omelets, and of course the most delicious heart attack: the Egg on a burger, so why not throw one on a salad too.  I like to eat rich, so when trying to eat a little lighter and more balanced I feel this is a good compromise.  While slowly bettering what I eat daily, I will always be sure to never cut on the flavor. So this is my kind of healthy.

' Black ' in the Green.

Miles Davis.
the LOOK: Casual layered tanks with a military-styled jacket, jeggings, 
over-the-knee boot, a beanie and a pop of color. 

As cool and casual as can be. Rocking one of my favorite graphic tanks from my collection, donned with the Jazz genius Mr. Miles Davis. I love the way a cool graphic tee or tank can make a causal look a bit more stylish while still offering comfort.  And of course jeggings which might as well be the only comfy pants that are acceptable in public.  With a pop of red and a hip beanie this is a sweet casual, pulled together look. 

Now lets talk about the best black boot, like ever. The 50/50 by Stuart Weitzman is a staple to the over the knee napa leather style and are hand-crafted in Spain.  I fortunately got these boots while working for the company and I will say they are the best!  But seriously I can't afford that lifestyle and at $650 a pair if you can, DO IT!  Otherwise I found this great inspired pair by Franco Sarto for only $99.  

To Sherlock Holmes -She's Always the Woman

Cozy-Chic Winter Evenings.
the LOOK: A cape, layering a chambray top with a sweater, 
a hat and a statement necklace. ( the winter white.)

Beauty doesn't always have to be all pain;  I am all about comfort and style. There is something spectacular to be said for chic lines and casual comfort.  I love bringing together a mix of chic, casual, prep, classic, trendy -the farther the spectrum the better.  

When donning a simple sweater, a collared shirt, and denim it is easy to kick it up a notch with special attention to detail and a fun hat! I also chose to bring out the blue tone of the tweed cape with the chambray top. Although I think the statement necklace and the hat really give it the complete look.

This was for a casual outing for the boyfriend and I, a night of pub fare at one of our favorite local spot and then some vino at the new wine and craft beer bar in town.  It was the perfect casual look for a spur of the moment evening out.

The Gowns of The Golden Globes '14

I usually only watch award shows for the fashion. 

I used to religiously watch every award show, but now- honestly who has time to catch every single one?  Now, what I do always have time for is to catch up on all the gowns and formal wear that was donned on the red carpet.  This year some great new styles were rocked straight from the runway, and a lot of celebrities did classic shape with a twist which is one of my favorite themes. 

While a few other celebrities sort of missed the bus.  They had valiant effort, but did not make the cut. While some of them still looked fantastic their dresses didn't make the cut.  Not everyone can be the be the best, so I chose a few favorites and a few that I really did not like.

Who were your favorite dressed celebs and who were they wearing?

My Fitness Kickstarter

Fats sounds fun, but Fit feels better.

I've always joked around and said there was a 500 LB man living inside of me and when asked if he wants food, his response is always, "Yeah -I could eat."  This is me, the bottomless pit.  I also have a strong penchant for the richest foods and of course the complex carbs, I am American after all.  As delicious as all this is, its the worst for you sometimes.  

I've always known what I should be eating, but I never cared.  I'm starting to care.  I will be commencing back to eating a cleaner diet again.  I've already threw together some great new recipe ideas I will be experimenting and sharing with all of you.  

So I will be eating minimal starchy carbs and instead finding creative ways to eat more veggies in place. I am planning to eliminate bread, pasta, rice, and white potato for the next few months and I plan to seldom ever eat them.  I instead will be eating a more protein, fruit, and vegetable heavy diet, but still including long grain wild rice and sweet potatoes.  

I decided to kick start this lifestyle change with a natural 3-day cleanse, which I just finished today!  I think it is a great way to get out the toxins and chemicals in food and life to start fresh.   

I also plan to finally get pack into shape, starting with one of my old workout circuits.  One of my close friends is a personal trainer and he makes the best workouts.  I will eventually post some cool work-outs for you guys as well too. But for now I'm going to start with cleaner eating and the 30-day squat challenge, which I have posted for you guys below.  

Its time to make sure I only put natural home cooked things into my body and feel my best. When I'm old I want my body to be nice to me, so I feel like I need to be nice to it now.   

Beer pairing Dinner

Fine Food, Fine Beer, some FINE people.
Eating good and living good, they go hand in hand.

Okay, so I've been slacking with my blog the last few months and I'll be honest.  This post is from the end of November.  Hence why my boyfriend still has his awful Movember mustache, at least its for charity. I know you guys are probably getting sick of hearing me say this, but  I'm getting all caught up with you guys and I want 2014 to be a better blogging year.  

Anyway, this is from the Beer pairing dinner at tRP in Riverhead, NY.  It was hosted by Long Ireland Brewery and was amazing! First course was a crabmeat stuffed red peppers paired with the classic celtic ale, a salad with fresh bleu cheese and beer battered onion rings paired with the wet-hopped beer, then the entree was winter ale glazed lamb shanks served with whipped turnips, and lastly dessert was tRP's classic chocolate mess, which is mousse and all kinds of chocolate deliciousness -totally chocolate wasted!  Next time I do one of these I will have photos of each course -but of courseeee. 

I plan on doing more of these beer dinners and for the sake of this blog, I will be that really annoying person in a restaurant taking photos. For the love of blogging! 

So for the look, I wanted to keep it super casual.  I chose a comfy patterned tunic blouse, olive skinny jeans, a chain-link embellished cardi, a red cross body bag for a pop of color and heeled booties.  Then some glammed up accessories and I'm good to go!  This is a super easy look to pull together, it's simple, comfy and still nice enough to go out to dinner.     

Stuck in the Suburban Jungle

Stuck on Long Island.
just stuck in the middle with youuuuu.

Eastern Long Island, NY -it's my home.  Growing up out here definitely has its perks, its absolutely beautiful and I would really rather not from anywhere else. 

Although, its almost time for a new place. It has been 5 years since I moved back around my hometown and I think its time for a new adventure: finally living in the city.  

Well, probably in Brooklyn or Queens- because lets be real, I can't afford to live in Manhattan.  But still, the city. It has always been my intended destination, I just tend to wander before veering my target. I truly believe that in life it is always more about making the journey beautiful and then you will find yourself filled with love living in beauty.

I realized I only need about 6 classes before I finish my business degree and will be applying and getting into F.I.T.  Whoa.  I'm so ready.  I'm ecstatic for the glimpse and glimmer of the life I'm leading and this is going to be a great year.  

So from each day on:  follow your dreams, just do it , handle it, make it happen, and laugh in the face of anyone who tells you otherwise. ;)

Homemade Photo Decor

Photo Candle Holders & Photo Magnets
Thoughtful Presents for many occasions.

I gave these as presents for this past christmas, but I think they make great presents for many occasions. I think the candles could be great decor at an engagement party or even a birthday. You can literally add any image you want to almost any shape glass candle holder or print any image to make a fun magnet and easily you can create two different thoughtful presents. 

There is something to be said about a gift that is handmade, yet is something that someone may actually like and be able to utilize.  I really thought long and hard about that concept before deciding on what gifts I could make for some of my favorite people.  I ended up making organic scrubs, lip balms, bracelets, a few other things and these candle holders and polaroid-looking magnets.  Give the gift of thoughtfulness.   


the LOOK: leather jeans, a blazer and sparkly heels 

Happy 2014!! This year has flown by and it has been quite the year for this blog.  This coming March will officially mark the start of my blog life, I began setting up and dabbling towards the end of 2012, but 2013 is when it really began. I'm so excited for what another year will bring.

This year was one of the first New Years in forever that I did not have to work, so even though I did not have a lot of extra money- I had to seize the opportunity and go to the city. One of my lovely ladies suggested a night out in Mid-town near her friends apartment.  Sold!  We had a nice low key dinner at Hendrik's in Murray Hill and my drink of the evening was Hendrick's on the rocks. Sounds like a perfect match. We then decided to let the drinking commence on a balcony with a view.  I spent it with some great friends and some new friends.