Dressed up & Frocked up

The 56th Grammy's were tonight! Some amazing performances! Metallica was fantastic, loved Lorde, and of course seeing the legendary Paul McCartney on stage again with Ringo Starr is incredible! 

With all the great music, comes great fashion and some people who try.  The Grammy's is one of those award shows where it is cool to let a little extra hang out or take a little risk.  That however does not mean to throw your common sense of style out the window!  I thought Katie Perry was a great example of taking risk, but being appropriate.  It's a little fairy godmother, but I loved it.  Sometimes she takes too much fashion risk, but it seems she finally found her happy medium.  However I can't decide whether Taylor Swift's or Beyonce's was my favorite of the evening.  Who were your favs and your not so favorites? 


Beyonce killed it in this sexy Haus of Milani dress.  It is so hot, a bit showy, but just enough.

I normally don't love Taylor Swift, but this Chainmail dress by Gucci is absolutely stunning.  

Katy Perry looked oh so appropriate and whimsical in Valentino.

Miranda Lambert looked lovely in this old hollywood glamour by Pamela Roland.


Paris Hilton just tried way too hard.  She didn't quite pull off the chic cutouts the way Beyonce did.  Instead ended up looking like a matronly bride of Frankenstein. 

Kathy Griffin most definitely has a great figure for her age, but her dress is almost as loud and obnoxious as her personality. Looks more appropriate for a pool party.

Kayla Jones looks like she shopped her dress from a sex shop.  I can be ok with showy as long as it is done right, but this is just wrong.  She looks like a trash bag.

Chrisette Michelle, Oh girl.  I actually like the pattern I will admit. I would wear the blazer with jeans and cool boots as a causal look.  But all together and to the Grammys?!  I'm not even sure the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire would have worn this. 

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