Stuck in the Suburban Jungle

Stuck on Long Island.
just stuck in the middle with youuuuu.

Eastern Long Island, NY -it's my home.  Growing up out here definitely has its perks, its absolutely beautiful and I would really rather not from anywhere else. 

Although, its almost time for a new place. It has been 5 years since I moved back around my hometown and I think its time for a new adventure: finally living in the city.  

Well, probably in Brooklyn or Queens- because lets be real, I can't afford to live in Manhattan.  But still, the city. It has always been my intended destination, I just tend to wander before veering my target. I truly believe that in life it is always more about making the journey beautiful and then you will find yourself filled with love living in beauty.

I realized I only need about 6 classes before I finish my business degree and will be applying and getting into F.I.T.  Whoa.  I'm so ready.  I'm ecstatic for the glimpse and glimmer of the life I'm leading and this is going to be a great year.  

So from each day on:  follow your dreams, just do it , handle it, make it happen, and laugh in the face of anyone who tells you otherwise. ;)

| |   i'm wearing:
| MOSSIMO hooded leather jacket | H&M collared button up | LEVI'S jeans | 
| H&M leopard cardigan | MICHAEL KORS gold chronograph watch | MOSSIMO wedge booties |
 | TARGET men's beanie | C WONDER mushroom necklace |
| LOUIS VUITTON speedy 30 |

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  1. Pretty leopard blouse! You know when you try to find thee perfect leopard print...I think that's it! Great colour choices too, it all works so well together!


  2. Hi sweety..thanks for accepting follow me.. nice post one more time.. perfect the combo about yellow and tiger prints with brown shoes!!!! :-) i hope to keep in touch.. kisses.....

  3. Really great look and combo. Love this cardigan. :)

  4. Very stylish outfit! Such lovely pictures!!!

  5. Cute look! I'm loving the leopard print!


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