Homemade Photo Decor

Photo Candle Holders & Photo Magnets
Thoughtful Presents for many occasions.

I gave these as presents for this past christmas, but I think they make great presents for many occasions. I think the candles could be great decor at an engagement party or even a birthday. You can literally add any image you want to almost any shape glass candle holder or print any image to make a fun magnet and easily you can create two different thoughtful presents. 

There is something to be said about a gift that is handmade, yet is something that someone may actually like and be able to utilize.  I really thought long and hard about that concept before deciding on what gifts I could make for some of my favorite people.  I ended up making organic scrubs, lip balms, bracelets, a few other things and these candle holders and polaroid-looking magnets.  Give the gift of thoughtfulness.   

T h e   C a n d l e s :

I think the high contrast images work best for the image transfers on the candle holders, although color prints can be used also with extra care. The size will vary dependent on the size glasses you choose.  I like to order my glassware for projects from this website here.  


-Glass Candle Holders
-Laminating Sheets
-Bone Folder Tool (used for creasing or scoring)
-Close Proximity to a Sink 

| Get all your supplies together and lay out your photos. Line up where your photo will be centered on the glass to properly frame your photo.  I like to make two tiny marks. Then carefully cut out all of the photos out following the small markings you just made.  |

| Carefully and slowly peel open one laminating sheet. Gently place down each photo in an adequate distance from one another. Then press down with the side of the bone folder in a back and forth motion on the back side of th photos to assure that all spots art smooth.  Then cut out the photos.  |

| Now carefully go over all edges and details with the bone folder.  I usually do this on the back,  but it is good to rub a little extra on the fron details to get a perfect image transfer.  |

| Now prepare a clean surface area you can put your photos on face down to dry and run cool water. |

| Run the water over the photo until the paper is completely soaked, then carefully rub away the paper particles. |

| I find it easier to rub away the paper in sections.  Keep doing this gently and be aware that you may have to let it dry and do it again.  It's better to do over a few times then rub too hard and ruin your transfer. |

| After all the transfers are all clean like the one above, place them down with the side you have been rubbing up- the smooth side down.  Let them completely dry.  If necessary wet and rub the remaining paper particles away. |

| Then after they are dry, simply center the "sticker" photo and place on the glass. & Voila! Insta-Awesome Present. |



So simple and a great easy way to create fun and unique magnets.  I chose to print small 2X2 inch photos to make as polaroid looking photos, but you could definitely make almost any image or graphic you like.  


-Printed photos
-Broken down cardboard (a fun way to recycle some old boxes)
-Modge Podge
-White Paint (Preferably glossy for polaroids, I just used an acrylic paint)
-Paint Brushes
-Glue stick (Wrinkle free)
-Hot Glue Gun

| Cut all the photos out into strips so you can lay them out to see roughly 
how each photo will space out. Then cut out each individual photo. |

| Then paint the cardboard, both front and back.  You may need two coats. |

| Glue each photo down in a row with a decent amount of space between each. |

| I preferred to use the exacto blade to score where I was going to cut with the scissors. |

| Then carefully cut across. |

| Then cut the photos right in the middle of each photo to separate. |

| Trim the slivers and edges to make sure it is perfectly squared off.  |

| Modge Podge the tops of the photos, let dry for 5 minutes and do a second coat. |

| Let sit for an hour or two or until hardened and completely dry.|

| After they are dry- lay down newspaper and get ready to use the hot glue gun.  |

| Carefully hot glue two magnets on the back of each. |

| Let dry and they are finished. Hang on the fridge or give them as a gift!  |

I hope you guys enjoyed my first craft tutorial.  I plan to occasionally post some of the cool things I make. Enjoy!

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