The Gowns of The Golden Globes '14

I usually only watch award shows for the fashion. 

I used to religiously watch every award show, but now- honestly who has time to catch every single one?  Now, what I do always have time for is to catch up on all the gowns and formal wear that was donned on the red carpet.  This year some great new styles were rocked straight from the runway, and a lot of celebrities did classic shape with a twist which is one of my favorite themes. 

While a few other celebrities sort of missed the bus.  They had valiant effort, but did not make the cut. While some of them still looked fantastic their dresses didn't make the cut.  Not everyone can be the be the best, so I chose a few favorites and a few that I really did not like.

Who were your favorite dressed celebs and who were they wearing?


Emma Watson looked fabulous in DIOR, probably my favorite.  I love the classic high neckline that was really shaken up with the open back, slacks and fun shoes.  What a great look!

Kate Bekinsale looked stunning in a mermaid style gatsby-esque gown which I'm really into these days which is by ZAHAIR MURAD.
Lupita Nyong'o was breathtaking in a simple chic number by RALPH LAUREN that was truley amazing, especially on her complexion. 

Zoe Saldana's unique little number by PRABAL GURUNG was one of the most loved and hated, but I loved it. There was something very refreshing about it.  And Zoe could wear a paper bag and look amazing.

Sofia Vergara was absolutely beautiful in ZAC POSEN with an incredible statement necklace by LORRAINE SCHWARTZ.  I really loved the classic and traditional shape of her gown and then embellished with a fun statement piece.  Love it. 

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Aubrey Plaza looked like Willy Wonka at the Prom in OSCAR DE LA RENTA, it was awful and could of been in Seventeen Magazine's prom edition from 1997.

Sandra Bullock looked stunning, but her dress looked like it was made by Mattel Company. Fit for a true Barbie girl. I think the colors make it look cheesy and tacky.

Heidi Klum looked like she was digging in Stevie Nick's wardrobe (who I love, but her style is only for her). I actually like the textile of this MARCHESA gown, I think it would be hot as a cropped sheer kimono top.  I think it looks very dated as a gown. 

Talk about dated, Hayden Panettiere bombed in this TOM FORD number.  I normally think she is beautiful, but the hairstyle is very unflattering on her and I think I wore a better version of this dress to a prom in 2003. 

Lastly, I hate to say it, because I normally adore her very classic style, but this dress looks like a formal beach cover-up. She still is beautiful, but the dress looks lazy, okay we know... you are Reese Witherspoon.  But this dress sucks.


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    We follow back now. :)

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  3. Emma dress is lovely :) Great post doll !! xx

  4. agree 90% of your picks in best and worst. what do you think of julia robert's dress? :P

    Sadia Malik's Blog

    1. I was very torn with her look. Normally I love the button up tucked into a tube top work as chic professional wear.... but WITH PANTS!! It sucks as evening wear.

  5. Great post. I totally agreee with you on best-dressed part. :)

  6. My favourite is Emma Watson, she looks simply wonderful in her red dress!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  8. Emma Watson's outfit is so wonderfully unique. It looks like a simple and pretty gown in the front and then she turns around and BAM! PANTS! <3 Sandra Bullock looks so beautiful even in that strange dress. The lady does not age. She is gorgeous.

    Christine from Invisible Blush


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