January's Five Things

five things. five smiles. five experiences. five pieces of life. 

So I'm going to try to make my last post of each month a reflection of all the little things. Reflection is one of the many keys of success, I feel.  You never know where you are going till you know where you've been. I think its a great way to stay aware, is just to simply reflect on your life each day.

So, I wanted to take this space to share a little glimpse of my life -right now.  We'll kick it off with my 5 things from this month. A new year, another January. 

As long as you have the essential supplies, you know: food, alcohol, and good company - it's a party!

2. The Spring Semester has BEGUN! 
I'm okay with the fact that I will be crazy busy the next few months.  Busy means productive. Although, I can't say the same for the Dalai Mama, my kitty.

is death. That is ALL.

 4. Set-up my little Artist's Nook in the loft. 
Still just need some ill bean bags though!

 5. My Love turned 29 and then we went to 
the Isles v. Rangers game at Yankee Stadium!
We enjoyed a few different festivities because we got snowed in on his birthday and next year I get to throw him his dirty 30!

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