"In Your Eyes" on a boombox 
outside your window.

the LOOK: movie inspired theme tank-top, with shorts, graphic tights, 
over-the-knee boots, a beanie and a long coat  }

Say Anything is probably one of my favorite cheesy 80's movies, I just love John Cusack. They just don't make romantic gestures like that anymore, what happened to the cheesy sweep you off your feet kind of effort.

No text messages, skype, facetime, or even a mere phone call- but actually getting off your butt and showing someone how you really feel.  No games, from either side, just putting yourself out there and being fully open to love.

There are the exceptions, but for the most part- the rule is that this kind of romance has died. Technology and time has tainted the way we interact.  So when I met a guy who still believed in sonnets, quoting beautiful lyrics, classic movies and old school romance- I knew that it was it.  It's almost five years later and the sparkle only shines brighter.  I decided to use my cool John Cusack tee and my ipod playing boombag to create a look that is an ode to Say Anything. Lloyd Dobler really only needs two things: a boom box and a long jacket.         So only a few weeks from Valentine's Day I found it only appropriate to create a look reminiscent of one the classic romantic moments in a movie.

The Famous Window Scene '

i'm wearing: 

| LAUNDRY long wool coat | SAY ANYTHING MOVIE tank | 
| ALMOST FAMOUS denim shorts | TARGET giraffe tights | FYDELITY boombag | 
| STUART WEITZMAN 5050 boot | TARGET beanie | 
| TARGET necklace & earrings | 


  1. Cool look! Your shirt is fantastic! Great style, Dear!

    1. Aghhh! Thanks! Its a classic! When I saw this tank I knew I needed to have it!

  2. So brilliant! I love Say Anything and you look completely fantastic. Very cute and rocker chic!


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