My First 5 Things Post

5 Things: to be Thankful For.
The things that make life worth living.

I've wanted to start doing a monthly '5 things' post where I sum up my months or whatever I'm thinking of. So in staying festive with starting this up in the end of November, I decided it would only be appropriate for me to post it Thanksgiving style and sum up the five things I am most thankful for. 

Life is beautiful and I am lucky enough to be thankful for many things.  But besides the wonderful experiences I have had and all the things I have, I am most thankful for this:  

90's Grunge goes Chic

Punk & Grunge LIVESSSS.

The style isn't just for punk-rockers, that guy you once dated who had a garage band or burn-outs anymore. I've always been a  hard-core 90's grunge girl at heart and no one was happier to see punk and alternative influences in fashion this year.
Although, as fashion often goes, we were introduced to a reinvention with some new alterations of a beloved style.  The combination and balance of punky patterns with elegant lines, or perhaps edgy accessories and details to a chic style.  I love it.  I've always love the look and I all about reminiscing one of my favorite music period, besides the 70's of course.

The Saddest Thing in Life is Wasted Talent

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, 
and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.
(-a Bronx Tale)

Maybe I'm getting old, but I feel like movies, television and music just are not the same anymore.  I remember being a kid and I felt like I learned major life lessons by some of these inspirational characters, songs and memorable monologues.  I miss the 80's and 90's movies that offered us humor and ridiculous action with thoughtful messages.

Be fair to your hair & Go Sulfate Free

Give your Locks a Chance!

Every woman, maybe even man wants that moment.  That slow-motion moment where you move your head and it naturally flips and cascades down with shimmer and bounce.  That is what we call a 90's herbal essence commercial, a 80's/90's teen movie where dream girl enters the scene or having ridiculously healthy hair. Obviously everyone's hair is totally different, but there are simple ways we can improve the way we treat our hair which is the way it will treat us.  

My Bestie's Birthday

Another year older, Another year brought in together. 
Birthday Date Night with my Favorite Lady.

When you have a friendship as close as we do it is a straight-up relationship.  I'm the luckiest girl, I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend!  You laugh together, love together, depend on each other, fight each other and suffice tests of your bond. This is the person I make gourmet english muffin pizza with at 2AM, make up a song for anything that strikes our fancy, have late night philosophical debates, run up the driveway and into the house at turbo mode because we are preparing for the zombie apocalypse and most of all it is someone to have in your life. 

Appetizers as Good as the Main Course

Rich food is one of my weaknesses.
Or possibly one of my positive attributes.

Eat good, live good.  Its simple.  Although how one defines good is up to the individual.  I think moderation is key.  I try to make healthy decisions, although that doesn't mean I always eat grilled chicken, brown rice and broccoli.  It means I balance my eating, I try to vary my starchy carbs, but more than often, I give in to them and all their carby goodness.  One thing I can never say no to is cheese! I'll take cheese on top of cheese please!  I'm such a fat kid at heart, I can't deny all that is delicious.

So in honor of the fact that I plan to go a little lighter on the starchy carbs from now on starting this week, with the exception of holidays- of course!  Let's go big or go home! And then brace yourself, healthier meals are coming. I know, shocker for me.

This post is mainly about the Figs, what can I say I like big figs and I can not lie. Although, I will let you know how to make my famous bacon creme sauce.

You'll never grow old, Because you're forever young

And you know that you got my tomorrow baby...
Today and yesterday
Believe that you've got my tomorrow baby
I'll hold you close as far as I can see! 
(-Citizen Cope)

Marmalade S k i e s & Carousels D r e a m s

Tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
A Warm Fall Wedding.

Okay, so I did it.  I finally took part in being one of those couples who is super matchy-matchy at a wedding reception and wasn't in the bridal party.  And I must say it was pretty fabulous.  I used to always be all about a touch of coordination to make the looks match (like here), but I figured we'd just go all out!

Aaron's good friend Garrett married his best friend Becky in mid-October.  It was an amazing wedding, completely unique and truly memorable.  Hand-crafted decor, a Metallica first dance, the most amazing cupcakes ever, Long Ireland Beer, a s'mores bar and a flippin' carousel! Such a fun theme!  

Children in the Corn

Frolic with some friends in the fall.
It should be mandatory.
Here we are, the last few weeks of warm fall days before the winter chill officially sets in, get outside and live a little.  

I grew up on the North Fork of Long Island and the quaintness of the rural scenic area always felt comforting to the soul. Vast fields and farms as well as beaches and cute towns.  Things have been hectic lately and I feel like I'm in the midst of some monumental changes. 

In light of daily life with a touch of stress and a little fear of the next big steps, it is important to do something just for you because simply you and only you want to.  So always remember:

Autumn and Apple Orchids

Apple Pie Season is Upon Us. 
Bring on the fall baked goodies!

It's enjoyment in the little things that helps to make every day life worth it.  A simple afternoon of apple picking in good company in preparation of creating a homemade creation is a just a small piece of what makes us tick. These are the things to remember.  These are moments to savor.  I love the fall and all the little simple pleasures it brings.  

Bubbly and Fun

Matching Busy Patterns
& Transitioning Seasons.

I could seriously wear sandals into November and I do.  Every by the book fashion-snob would scream its a big no, no.  But I do what I want and on warmer days I still wear open-toed shoes with the respective layers. Layering is key in transitioning between seasons and dressing for cooler weather in general.  Simpler layering is the best way to keep your casual looks stylish but still laid back.  

Velvet Underground

Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween '13:
Punk Rock, Sugar Skulls, Best Friends & a Punk Innovator. 

I don't care if people think I'm too old to dress up for halloween. I believe that you don't ever have to get old. Well, physically- yes, the inevitable peril of aging physically is simply fated.  But old can be merely a frame of mind. I've met 24 year olds who are 47 and I've met 62 year olds who are 26. These are just numbers and you're never too old to play dress-up.

Although, in past years for halloween I almost always knew what I was going to dress as at least a month in advance- however this year I was so caught up in life that the child within forgot to think of a halloween costume!  So a few days before halloween I began trying to contemplate a fun costume different than any other of my costumes, but was drawing a blank.