My Bestie's Birthday

Another year older, Another year brought in together. 
Birthday Date Night with my Favorite Lady.

When you have a friendship as close as we do it is a straight-up relationship.  I'm the luckiest girl, I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend!  You laugh together, love together, depend on each other, fight each other and suffice tests of your bond. This is the person I make gourmet english muffin pizza with at 2AM, make up a song for anything that strikes our fancy, have late night philosophical debates, run up the driveway and into the house at turbo mode because we are preparing for the zombie apocalypse and most of all it is someone to have in your life. 

This girl and I have been through so much together; life changing events, the most outrageous evenings, epic bitch fits, laughed so hard we cried and through the good times and the bad we are still making big plans for the future together. It is the moments that prevail after the dark days that will show you the true vigor of any relationship. Only the strong survive. We've been kickin' it since the early 90's- we go back like car seats.

Erin's Birthday, Erin's Rules.  She wanted to keep it casual and she wanted to go out.  So keeping that in mind I made a reservation to a really cute restaurant, Perabell that is located in the village of downtown Patchogue.        
We sipped some fab rum ciders and enjoyed a fabulous Fried Provolone Bruschetta for first course, then an apple and horseradish encrusted salmon, a blackened swordfish with plantain sweet potatoes, and a pumpkin cheesecake.
Then to the drinking we went.  As you can tell we stopped taking photos after dinner.  We went to the Brickhouse Brewery and then the Tap Room-  our two usual Patchogue spots. Some jameson, patron and lots of craft beer later it was 3 AM and time to go home. Staying within a casual but fun budget, we made the night memorable! Or maybe we did such a good job at celebrating that we didn't remember it ever ending. Either way, ah yes-  great success!                                               So how do you dress for casual birthday fun.  We both decided pants, heels of some sort and semi-casual attire. The birthday girl had no idea of what she wanted to wear, except she told me she wanted to wear a particular blazer. I pulled a few random pieces and suggested primary colors together.  I sort of did the same for myself, I knew I wanted a sweater so I just went with it.  The results were cute, pulled together and comfortable.

i'm wearing:

| F21 sweater | EXPRESS tank (circa '01) |
| MOSSIMO jeans | TARGET tiered necklace |
| MICHAEL KORS watch | VERA BRADLEY bracelet |
| BCBG clutch | DSW shoes |


erin is wearing:

| MOSSIMO blazer | MOSSIMO knit top |
| AMERICAN EAGLE jeans | MODCLOTH necklace |
 | STUART WEITZMAN saxony bootie | MICHAEL KORS cross body |

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