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Marmalade S k i e s & Carousels D r e a m s

Tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
A Warm Fall Wedding.

Okay, so I did it.  I finally took part in being one of those couples who is super matchy-matchy at a wedding reception and wasn't in the bridal party.  And I must say it was pretty fabulous.  I used to always be all about a touch of coordination to make the looks match (like here), but I figured we'd just go all out!

Aaron's good friend Garrett married his best friend Becky in mid-October.  It was an amazing wedding, completely unique and truly memorable.  Hand-crafted decor, a Metallica first dance, the most amazing cupcakes ever, Long Ireland Beer, a s'mores bar and a flippin' carousel! Such a fun theme!  

I had no idea what I wanted to wear originally and what else is new: I was on a budget.  I found this really quirky dress on Love Culture, which I just found out about and adoreee their clothes and accessories! The dress was only $25 and the hair clip was $4!  Such a steal. 

The dress arrived late and before I knew it I was trying on the dress and discovered that there was no way to wear any kind of bra with it no matter how I pinned it.  I had gone too far and was committed to the look, so bye-bye bra.  Who really wants to wear those itchy adhesive boob cups anyway?! Not me. 

Wardrobe malfunction solved and on to the next.  Having a boyfriend who waited until the last possible minute to realize he didn't have anything he wanted to wear.  And men say we're the worst at this? Oh, we all take our turns.  We managed to find the patterned gingham shirt in the first store we went and I instantly knew it was the way to go. An easy pair with his new Kenneth Cole Suit and brown shoes.  I liked that his shirt would have pattern and my dress had texture and both looks were accented with a turquoise pop.  The colors weren't a precise match, but I think it worked- what do you think?       

  1. When Coordinating matching ensembles, don't over do it.
  2. Remember you are matching more than colors, but also details and textures.
  3. Don't make sure every single detail matches.
  4. But do make sure to match the little details and accents.

( i leave my  h e a r t  by the sea.)

i'm wearing:
| LOVE CULTURE heavy skater dress | MOSSIMO scarf |
| FRANCESCA'S sugar skull wrap necklace | MICHAEL KORS watch |
| MOSSIMO cape | LOVE CULTURE clip in flower |
| DOLCE VITA for target wedges | FRANCESCA'S clutch |
| TARGET earrings |


aaron wore:

| KENNETH COLE three piece suit | RALPH LAUREN gingham shirt | 
| GEOFFREY BEANE tie | ALDO shoes | 
| MICHAEL KORS watch |

( love my gorgeous man. )

( the newly-weds! )


  1. You are looking fab :)

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  2. Romantic and chic! I love your style, You look very nice in red!
    Great pics!!

    Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

  3. Nice pics, you're beautiful gir,
    love the dress :)

    New on the blog !
    Kisses from France, Jane.

  4. Hi love! Of course I follow you! You have a lovely blog!

  5. Awh you two look so cute together! Love how you went for minimal matchy matchy, and I think your necklace to his tie was a great idea. PS the photos of you on the beach with the sunset behind you - you look stunning!!


  6. You look amazing!!! nice photos!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. so sweet photos of yours :)

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    you look so good *__*

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  9. Hi sweetie! Thanks to be passed in my blog! Your outfit is great, I love the colours that you used ;)
    I follow your blog with pleasure, now I'll waiting you on my blog :*
    ~ Sotto la luce delle stelle

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  11. Amazing pictures.*__*
    Lovely greets Nessa


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