You'll never grow old, Because you're forever young

And you know that you got my tomorrow baby...
Today and yesterday
Believe that you've got my tomorrow baby
I'll hold you close as far as I can see! 
(-Citizen Cope)

If there's loveeeee, well as the Beatles said, it "is all you need."  On the realist's side of the fence love does not pay the bills and it can not do the laundry or go to work for you, but its what makes it all worth it.  Without it, we'd have nothing.

Mid-October, I went with my love to see one of my favorite artists for the second time this year at the Paramount in Huntington, NY. Citizen Cope, which is a one man show less frequently known as Clarence Greenwood.  He writes, sings and plays the instruments for album cuts and hires a full band for when he tours, however this particular show I caught his intimate solo concert.  He never disappoints, I saw him last January which you can check out here. Another cool thing about the show was he had his wife, Alice Smith open up for him. Her style was Patti Labelle, meets Fiona Apple, mixed with Billie Holiday- definitely refreshing and unique.  If you dig acoustic mellow jams by an incredible lyricist, I highly suggest you check him out.  I posted a few songs from the show towards the end of my post. (photo credit)      

Sometimes I preplan, but often more than not I fly by the seat of my pants. I literally threw this look together half an hour before we had to leave the house to head out to the venue.  I think it accomplished what I was going for: a chic twist on casual pieces.  Although, I only wish the photos came out better.  We took them really quick walking up to the Paramount. I wore a comfy tee-shirt with a flowy maxi skirt and a zip-up blazer.  I thought the leopard and red accent was perfect to pair with a tee shirt for a concert.   

I love when a simple, thrown together look simply just works.  Though,  I suppose it means I'm doing my job correctly!   

( clarence greenwood aka citizen cope )

( alice smith )

i'm wearing:
| CONVERSE cotton moto blazer | H&M men's tee shirt |
| LOVE CULTURE skirt | DOLCE VITA for target wedges |
| C WONDER monogrammed bag | bracelet (from boutique in CABO) |

If there's Love.

Hurricane Waters

Healing Hands

 Life Line

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