Autumn and Apple Orchids

Apple Pie Season is Upon Us. 
Bring on the fall baked goodies!

It's enjoyment in the little things that helps to make every day life worth it.  A simple afternoon of apple picking in good company in preparation of creating a homemade creation is a just a small piece of what makes us tick. These are the things to remember.  These are moments to savor.  I love the fall and all the little simple pleasures it brings.  

I'm just accepting and embracing the fact that it has finally started to get chilly here, but you cans still get away with sandals during the day. This is a super casual look with flat sandals, yet when worn with a different shoe is super transitional.

This can also double as a great out to dinner with friends look. I wore it later to go out for sushi and saki with friends and paired it with my Mossimo wedge platforms (pictured on right).  It brought out the taupe shades of the blouse and suddenly made the blouse and the hat a touch more dressy and pulled together for evening.

Where as I felt the flat leopard sandal added an extra funky-cool kind of edge perfect for casual wear.

i'm wearing:

\\ MOSSIMO sweater // WILSON'S LEATHER men's hat //
 \\ MOSSIMO blouse // LEVI'S jeans // 
\\ C WONDER sandals // ETSY necklace //
\\ BCBG clutch // C WONDER geode necklaces //

(  aaron searching for the  p e r f e c t  apple. )


( my favorite  g e o d e  earrings from c wonder)

( off to  n e v e r,  n e v e r  l a n d  necklace paired with charms. )

( home apple crisp amazingness )

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