LIFESTYLE | pumpkins, north forkin', nomming and fall fun

Hope everyone is enjoying all the festivities!

So I'm such a sucker for the holidays, I love it all.  I think I just genuinely enjoy being festive and for the cause, cheesy, I know.  If its fun, I'm for it!  Obviously I'm super into halloween!  The pumpkin carving, the horror movies, the pumpkin beer and of course the costuming making! I have two costumes this year, but I did not go all out like I often tend to.  

Tonight, unfortunately I'm working all night.  Though I still get to dress up and its a 1930's Art Deco Theater that is doing Rocky Horror Picture Show, so it will still be a good night!  I'm dressing as a ghostly 30's Movie Starlet and then hopefully going out when I get off of work -wish me luck!  

Tomorrow, however will be my real halloween because I only have to work until 6.  Then its off to a friend's party!  This year I let my fiance choose the theme, which is rare. hahaha.  I usually pick something that we both love.  Though the Show Archer is more of his favorite than mine.  So this year he will be Sterling Archer and I will be Lana Kane.  Get ready for photos of all this!

What are you guys up to this year? Good mischief, I hope!    

LIFESTYLE | coordinated wedding attire

What's not to love about a great wedding?
Nothing unless you hate celebrating love with free alcohol and food, while looking extra fly.

A fews weeks prior Aaron and I attended his cousin's wedding.  Kathleen and Kelly are a great pair and their wedding was lovely.  Aaron's family weddings are always a ball, they have a rather large family -his father is one of 13 children. Large family is an understatement I suppose.  

Growing up with a rather small family with practically no family outside of the immediate relatives, I realize how much I really love the closeness and sense of community and, well simply: warmth that exudes from great, big families.  

So in all the fun that comes with being a part of someone's big day, I will admit to also really getting excited to plan a super fresh ensemble for Aaron and I each time (see here and here).

As per usual, I could not find a dress that struck my fancy and I searched all over the Roosevelt Malls multiple floors, then when I was about to call it quits; I found this little gem.  I knew it was perfect, so I called Aaron and asked him how he felt about wearing a leather tie.

FASHION | Mavy Savvy Review & Reader Giveaway

Introducing a Unique Online Fashion Boutique

& Enter to Win 30% off all purchases for a Month!

Every girl wants to make a statement with what she is wearing, its who she is.  Although, no one wants someone to be making that same exact statement. The fabulous fashion finds at Mavy Savvy make this all a little easier -they only order a few pieces per item to ensure a more unique find.  So not only are the pieces different and unique, but they are limited to guarantee that there won't be women all over with your street style. 

I've bought a few pieces and each is stylish and fit well.  They have great customer service and are super accommodating.  Its refreshing to enjoy buying from a smaller based company with unique pieces and friendly people on the other end. 

So with that being said I would like to give you all a chance to be a BFF with Mavy just like me and receive 30% off all purchases for a whole month, it makes all their great items a total steal! So don't forget to get as many entries as you can and then keep a look out for my outfit posts using some of their pieces!

DAILY OUTFIT | not your average button down & blazer

Casual Cool twist on a Classic

A button-down, a blazer, and blue jeans is always a classic goto -so this time I added a graphic t-shirt and a great pair of Stuart Weitzman heels. Just a pumped up way to make a classic look a bit more cool.  

With the cooler weather finally setting in, yeah we got a bit spoiled with that indian summer, its time for light coats and sweet blazers.  I'm pretty excited for the coming holidays already!  My only question is, where does the time go?

BEAUTY | Redken Color Rebel Hair Color

 Hair Mascara meets Temporary Hair Dye-
And its amazing. 

Some days I feel like rocking out with wild colored hair and my best air guitar, while other days I'd like to be a little more chic with classic red lips and a martini. The solution to all your fickle hair color wants is here. So when I got the opportunity to sample this fantastic new Redken product, that lets me do something bold to my hair without commitment, I knew it was a perfect product for me. This sponsored post was powered by Brandbacker.

Redken and the latest technology have come together creating an easy to use hair color that deposits a very fine colored microcoating on the surface of hair.  The color is buildable and layerable for different effects and has pearlescent pigments that create multi-dimensional iridescent look. The product uses a water-based ink that flows easily and resistant against water, brushing, blow-drying, flat-ironing and curling.  

My sweet red ombre that was done by yours truly was supposed to only last 2 washes/days, but instead lasted about a week before it began looking extremely washed out and pink. The color coating is a clay like texture that coats to each individual strand of hair. I will say that overall I love the product, but it is not meant to be touched a lot and will rub off a little on your hands and clothing, but it does wash out.  The only other negative thing is it did make my hair a touch more dry and tangled.  This I'm sure because you don't get a vividly temporary color without drawbacks.         


Modern Mexican
( 212 ) 277 - 4300

After a full day adventure around Manhattan,  fine mexican is a great pick.  Traditional flavors kicked up with a new american twist and of course a great tequila and of course a craft margarita menu help to bump it up! Dos Caminos has a few locations and a ton of sister restaurants and I can certainly see why.  Each dish and cocktail was perfectly done. 

The whole vibe was really great, as was the service.  I would definitely recommend this spot.  The drinks and food was fab, and apparently they are known for fab special salsas and fresh guacamole.   Apparently we missed out in not getting any, but all the appetizers we did enjoy were simply amazing. And most importantly, get the dessert!  

Dear Lover

Dear Lover,
I can't believe it's come to this..

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Mike Ness is a punk-rock god.  The front man of Social Distortion is still a great show to see live after over 36 years of pouring his soul into his rockabilly, punk rock songs.  Social Distortion became a band in 1978 and they still got it. 

We saw them at the Paramount, one of my favorite venues here on Long Island.  We also took a little time in the Founder's Room, which is an amazing speakeasy style bar and lounge under the venue.  It is super exclusive, has two bars and a variety of hidden rooms where you can just privately lounge with your whole crew. The place is truly amazing and a great way to enjoy before and after an amazing show.

LIFESTYLE | San Gennaro & City Adventures

An All Day Eating Affair
Lets get fat, fat sounds fun. 

I was so excited to finally go to San Gennaro this year, since I miss it every year.  Though, I must admit I was a touch disappointed.  Though there was a variety of delicious cannolis, sausage and peppers, stuffed artichokes, gelato, lots of meatballs and italian specialties.  It was also overrun with pina coladas, cronuts, fried pickles and asian and indian booths.  As much as I enjoy all of those things, it was not quite what I was looking for. So the feast of San Gennaro was kind of a let down.  

So after a day of eating, I came to the conclusion that I make better meatballs than the ones I had eaten on this day. So next year, I want to go to Ferragosto on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, also known as the new Little Italy.  That is where my favorite Italian deli is after all. Ferragosto is a tradition that recognizes the end of harvest and to signify enjoying the fruits of this harvest amongst family and friends.

So after I gave up searching for great Italian food and decided to just enjoy adventuring for the day and instead enjoy an amazing Mexican dinner at Dos Caminos.  The day all in all was amazing after all!        

NOMS | Almond & Pecan Crusted Chicken overtop Pumpkin Ravioli

Ohhhkay, I caved.
Pumpkin Spice Bandwagon -Let me make you awesome.

Pumpkin spice and ugg boots is not what makes fall special to me.  I don't particularly love the overload of commercialized fake pumpkin everything. I love the smell of the first crisp breezy day, I love riding around with the windows down and the sun shining through the changing leaves, I love a good hot toddy, structured coats, sultry perfumes, fireplaces, Halloween and Thanksgiving! Those are my favorite fall things.  But don't get it twisted. I still love pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer, pumpkin raviolis, and yes even a good pumpkin latte sometimes.  Though pumpkin spice is not my everything. 

I don't always love pumpkin everything, but when I do - it's freakin' awesome. When I walked into La Parmigiana out here in Southampton, and then spotted these gems -I knew in that moment what I'd be cooking.  La Parm has been a Hampton's staple since the 70's, known for their family owned and cooked Italian food. They also have a classic Italian bakery and deli attached. I spotted their specialty raviolis and knew it was going to be great! So I created this amazing fall comfort dish. I hope you enjoy it!