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Hope everyone is enjoying all the festivities!

So I'm such a sucker for the holidays, I love it all.  I think I just genuinely enjoy being festive and for the cause, cheesy, I know.  If its fun, I'm for it!  Obviously I'm super into halloween!  The pumpkin carving, the horror movies, the pumpkin beer and of course the costuming making! I have two costumes this year, but I did not go all out like I often tend to.  

Tonight, unfortunately I'm working all night.  Though I still get to dress up and its a 1930's Art Deco Theater that is doing Rocky Horror Picture Show, so it will still be a good night!  I'm dressing as a ghostly 30's Movie Starlet and then hopefully going out when I get off of work -wish me luck!  

Tomorrow, however will be my real halloween because I only have to work until 6.  Then its off to a friend's party!  This year I let my fiance choose the theme, which is rare. hahaha.  I usually pick something that we both love.  Though the Show Archer is more of his favorite than mine.  So this year he will be Sterling Archer and I will be Lana Kane.  Get ready for photos of all this!

What are you guys up to this year? Good mischief, I hope!    

| what i'm wearing :

SANS SOUCI | chambray top

MOSSIMO | sweater

KOHL'S | chain necklace

ZARA | camel jacket

LEVI'S | denim

LOUIS VUITTON | speedy 35 bag


MOSSIMO | boots

B&L RAY BAN | vintage 60's glasses


240 Love Ln, 
Mattituck, NY
| website | (631)298-8989 |

| cheesecake stuffed french toast with homemade blueberry topping |

| croque madame : open face over medium eggs, ham, gruyere cheese and a spicy dijon mustard  |

| huevos rancheros with fresh salsa, sliced avocado and black beans |

| my dia de los muertos pumpkin! |

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