LIFESTYLE | Two days of DIY Halloween Costumes

After Halloween ends, we are reminded immediately that there is another holiday quickly approaching.  But just stop it, don't care about christmas just yet.  My pumpkin is still being lit on my front porch ( see here ).  And I like to embrace the present, and presently it is still fall. 

For the entire month of October, I been watching horror films, begun the new seasons of Walking Dead and American Horror Story, carved pumpkins, drank Octoberfest beer, and felt the need to be festive.  Halloween isn't just for the kids.  

So this year, although I had to work friday and saturday -I still managed to do fun things after work each night and pull together two DIY costumes. 

 DAY 1

Ghostly 30's Starlet

Chic, glamorous and dead.

{ m y   i n s p i r a t i o n }

{ christian's completely DIY voodoo daddy look }

| what i'm wearing :

AMAZON | headband {$9 on prime}

C WONDER | art deco statement necklace {old}

SALVATION ART | dress made from  2XL lingerie robe {$4}

SAKS FIFTH AVENUE | faux fur boa {old}

LOVE CULTURE | tights {old}

MOSSIMO | sparkle flats {old}

PARTY STORE | fake cigarette holder

besides items in my closet, I spent:



Sterling Archer, Lana Kane 

& Charlene

Archer, Lana and Cheryl's alterego: Charlene 
from the show Archer

| what i'm wearing :

AMAZON | sweater dress {$11 on prime}

TARGET | hoop earring 

AMAZON | gun holster {$10}

STUART WEITZMAN | hiho boots

MOSSIMO | sweater circle scarf

PART STORE | black spray in hair color {$3}

besides items in my closet, I spent:




  1. Wow..loving both the looks!

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  2. How cool! You look stunning! So glamorous!

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Thank you Reneta! Of course- I'd love for us to exchange follows!

  5. Thank-you, Julie! I'll start following you now <3


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